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University Committee on Faculty Tenure



Committee Description


For UCFT schedule of meeting dates, agendas, minutes and correspondence, please refer to the following website: http://www.provost.msu.edu/UCFT/


4.7.3.   The Committee on Faculty Tenure shall advise the Provost on the formal and procedural rules on tenure and dismissal and on the substantive policies on tenure and shall recommend changes to the Faculty Council and the Academic Council.


4.7.4.   The Committee on Faculty Tenure shall be the judicial and investigatory agency for all tenure actions, shall interpret tenure rules, act on all cases of deviation from the rules, and shall hear all cases for exception to the rules.


4.7.5.   Decisions by the Committee on Faculty Tenure on matters involving interpretation of tenure rules and in cases involving deviation from tenure rules shall be binding on the administration and on the faculty member concerned.


4.7.6.   The Committee on Faculty Tenure shall report promptly to the Faculty Council in any case in which the administration acts contrary to the committee's decision on a question involving tenure.

For information with regard to membership and elections to the University Committee on Faculty Tenure please reference section 4.7. in the Bylaws for Academic Governance.