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Women's Advisory Committee to the Vice President for Student Affairs

Membership 2013-2014

Effective August 16, 2013

Denise B. Maybank

Vice President for Student Affairs

Allyn Shaw

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs


Career Services

Karin Hanson

Counseling Center

Sexual Assault Program

Shari Murgittroyd

Family Resource Center

Lori Strom

MSU Safe Place

Alyssa Bauman

Recreational Sports and Fitness Services

Jody Strank

Sexual Assault Relationship violence Prevention Program

Kelly Schweda

Women’s Resource Center

Lydia Weiss

Student Members

Pa Vang

Asian-Pacific American Student Organizations


Amber Addrow-Pierson

Campus Crusade for Christ

Alecia Hinston

Council of Graduate Students

Jennifer Wray

Council for Students with Disabilities

Katie Feirerca

Owen Graduate Association

Emily Weigel

Panhellenic Council

Camryn Ginsberg

Residence Hall Association

Jessica Kloosterman

Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Team

Kyra Stephenson

Student Health Advisory Council

Monica Gentchev

Women’s Council

Tera Warn

Women’s Resource Center

Tinisha Sharp

Published by the Office of the Secretary for Academic Governance
W32 Owen Graduate Hall
October 10, 2013