Faculty and University Council Meetings

UPDATE AS OF MARCH 24, 2020: The Steering Committee, Faculty Senate, and University Council will meet remotely at the usual times beginning March 24, 2020.


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February 18, 2020 
University Committee on Curriculum (UCC) Report
Slate of Nominees for Athletic Council, Endorsement
Slate of Nominees for the At-Large to The Steering Committee, Endorsement
Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Report, Discussion (Information Item)

January 14, 2020 
University Committee on Curriculum (UCC) Report
Budget Discussion - Faculty Input on Next Year's Budget (Discussion Item)
Online Strategy for Graduate Education (Information Item)
Minskoff Pavilion Discussion (Disucssion Item)
Consider Recommendation to the President to Make MSU a Signatory for TIME'S UP Healthcare

November 12, 2019 
University Committee on Curriculum (UCC) Report
Discussion of Human Research Protection Program (IRB) Approval Procedures (Information Item)
Formation of an Ad Hoc Subcommittee from Faculty Senate for the Organization Restructuring of the Secretary for Academic Governance Position
Recommendation Regarding Faculty Senate Special Meeting Procedures
Proposed Faculty Senate Resolution (Waiver of Confidentiality)

October 8, 2019
University Committee on Curriculum (UCC) Report
Proposed Resolution from Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Resolution for an Open Provost Search 
Consideration of Proposed Faculty Senate Procedures (Information Item)
Provost Search (Information Item)

September 10, 2019
Orientation (Information Item)
Clarification of Rules for Faculty Senate Meetings (Information Item)
Report from Ad Hoc Faculty Senate Committee (Information Item)
University Committee on Curriculum Report (Information Item)