Faculty Health Care Council Membership 2017-2018

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Katherine Dontje
 2016-2018 - first term
Deborah Moriarty (R) Music  2016-2018 - second term
John Kosciulek Education  2016-2018 - first term
James Dudziak Lyman Briggs  2014-2018 - second term
Teresa Wehrwein Academic and Clinical Affairs, Nursing  2014-2018 - second term
Lynne Zelenski Academic Servies, Accounting & Information Services  2014-2018 - second term
John Goddeeris* Social Science  2014-2018 - second term
William Davidson* (R) Psychology and Social Science  2014-2018 - second term
Dr. David Weismantel University Physician, Human Medicine  2014-2018 - second term

5.3.2. Composition The voting members of the Faculty Health Care Council shall be nine faculty members. Ex officio members without vote shall include but not limited to Assistant Vice President and Director, Planning & Budgets and one faculty member emeritus without vote to be selected by the Faculty Emeriti Association.

5.3.3. Appointment of Members Faculty members of the Faculty Health Council shall be appointed by the Steering Committee. Faculty members appointed to the Faculty Health Care Council shall include those members who are actively involved in health care discussions. Faculty members of the Faculty Health Care Council shall represent a diversity of faculty appointments.

5.3.4. Terms of Appointment The terms of appointment of faculty representatives on the Faculty Health Care Council shall be three consecutive two year terms to ensure continuity and stability of membership.


R = Re-elected


Published by: The Office of the Secretary for Academic Governance (517) 355-2337 

Updated December 8, 2016