Committee Meetings Throughout Summer 2020

The Steering Committee (TSC), Faculty Senate (FS) and University Council (UC) met throughout the summer 2020, via Zoom.  TSC convened on June 9 and July 7. FS convened on June 23, July 21 and August 11. Univesity Council convened on July 21.

The Schedule of Meeting Dates for 2020-2021 can be found by clicking on the link below and by clicking on the black tab to the lef of the website, under Shcedule of Meeting Dates.

Schedule of Meeting Dates for 2020-2021


Actions Taken for the Academic Year 2010-2011

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Actions Taken by Faculty Council
Academic Year 2010-1011

Faculty Council - September 14, 2010

Proposed Motion by Professor Perlstadt Re SIRS
Health Care Update - Info only

Faculty Council - October 12, 2010
SIRS and Anti-Discrimination Policy/ Sexual Harassment Policy - Info only
Replacement of UCAG Member
Health Care Update - Info only

Faculty Council - November 16, 2010
Proposed Motions to Amend the Bylaws RE Athletic Council

Faculty Council - January 18, 2011
Scholarship Communication Issues - Info only
Faculty Mentoring Policy - Info only
Annual Performance Review for Fixed Term Faculty and Academic Staff

Faculty Council - February 15, 2011
Slate of Nominees for the Athletic Council 2011-2013
Federal Grant Compliance - Info only
Modified Duties for Tenure System & Health Programs Faculty with New Dependent Children - Info only
Report on Generic Prescribing Program - Info only

Faculty Council - March 22, 2011
UCAG Proposed Motions

Faculty Council - April 12, 2011
Task Force re Changes to the Code of Teaching Responsibility and Integrity of Scholarships and Grades - Info only
Proposed Changes to the Retirement Investment Plan - Info only
Merit/ Market Pool Adjustment Letter
Proposal to Revise the MSU Course Repeat Policy
Online SIRS Pilot Study - Follow-up
UCAG Proposed Motion


Tapes of complete meetings of the Academic Council are available for review in the office of the Secretary for Academic Governance, W32 Owen Graduate Hall, 355-2337.