Actions Taken by Faculty Senate Academic Year 2014-2015

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Faculty Senate September 16, 2014
UCC Report (Info Item)
Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct (Information Item)
Faculty Health Care Presentation to Faculty Senate (Information Item)

Faculty Senate October 14, 2014
Bicycle Safety (Info Item)
UCC Report (Action Item)
Faculty Senate Survey and Assignments to Committees (Information Item)
Faculty Senate Feedback from Small Group Sessions (Information Item)
Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct Committee (RVSM Policy) (Information Item)
E-Training Video used for Staff - followed by small group session (Information Item)

Faculty Senate - November 11, 2014
UCC Report (Action Item)
Graduate School's New Home (Information Item)
Discussion Feedback from the October 14 Faculty Senate Meeting - E-Training Video used for Staff (information Item)
Faculty Senate Survey and Assignments to Committees: (Information Item)

Faculty Senate - January 20, 2015
UCC Report (Action Item)
RVSM Policy Update and E-Learning Faculty Video (Information Only)

Faculty Senate - February 17, 2015
University Committee on Curriculum Report
Athletic Council Slate of Nominees
Steering Committee At-Large Slate of Nominees
Computational Mathematics Science and Engineering Department Proposal - Endorsement
Higher Education Commission Accreditation Process 2016
Healthy Campus Initiative

Faculty Senate - March 17, 2015
UCC Report
Faculty Health Care Council Report (Information Item)
Recommended Change in the Faculty Handbook (Information Item)
Integrity of Scholarship and Grades Policy - Endorsement