February 15, 2011

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Approved 3-22-11




Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Auditorium, Radiology Building

June Youatt (for Provost Wilcox), President Simon, K. Ames, G. Bice, J. Boughman, S. Carey, S. Carter, M.W. Change, W. Corser, C. Coursaris, E. Cushman, W. Davidson, M. Fillmore, J. Foss, C. Frilinigos, J. Funk, L. Gut, H. Hughes, M. Jain, R. Jones, M. Kaplowitz, M. Lawrence, L. Leavitt, R. Maleczka, H. Melakeberhan, W. Miller, T. Monberg, D. Moriarty, M. Nalla, M. Noel, R. Ofoli, N.B. Oliver, J. Owen, D. Pathak, J. Powell, R. Putnam, P. Rogers, B. Scott, M. Sticklen, S. Tekalur, T. Tims, J. Vargas, S. Watts, E. Yakura, B. Zandstra

Absent: A. Berg, M. Chavez, S. Conrad, D. Dougherty, R.K. Edozie, L. Fair, J. Gabilondo, K. Goldsberry, R. Hall, S. Hassan, E. Heilman, J. Hoehn, N. Khanna, G. Kortemeyer, K. Lovell, R. Mabokela, T. Marsh, P. Menchik, C. Parker, H. Perstadt, K. Petroni, S. Pratt, F. Rauscher, F. Ravitch, L. Roman, M. Sciarini, M. Shapiro, R. Taggart, L. Udpa

The meeting began at 3:22 p.m. with a quorum.

Approval of Agenda:
The agenda was amended changing item on Modified Duties for Tenure System to an information item. A new item was added on the Generic Prescribing Program. The amended agenda was approved.

Public Comments:
There were no public comments.

Approval of Minutes:
The minutes for January 18, 2011 were approved as distributed.

President’s Remarks:
The President reported the Governor is to issue his budget on Thursday, February 17 as previously announced. It appears that the changes to the Michigan Business tax will be a part of the package. It also appears that it will be an all cuts budget and that there will be some efforts to change revenue loopholes. This means that the structural deficit for the State has been climbing over the estimate MSU used for the two year budget a year ago. The good news is the State appears to have bottomed out and optimism for next year is increased. The news reports that GM is doing a bonus plan for its employees and Ford also posted a profit. This good news in the economy will not be reflected in the Governors budget this week.

President Simon noted that the FY 2012 budget done by the BOT last year had an assumption of a minus 13% reduction from the State, so anything above that will be a challenge. This budget had a tuition range of 5 to7 % and at 7% there would have been no additional reductions, but at 5% there would be an additional minus 3% reduction. The Colleges have already submitted plans for this reduction. The health care numbers appear to be in line. The President indicated that as long as there is not tuition restraint built in we will be within the broad boundary predictions.

President Simon noted that the University has had a period to collectively plan ahead , the University appears that the University will be in line. There appears to be a focus on salaries and compensation of public employees and this will continue. We will be under pressure to have outcome measures to show what we do and ways to reduce costs. The President indicated that she does not see a reinstatement of the financial aid program for students, which means we will need to raise private dollars as a community for financial aid for undergraduate and graduate students. The President will issue a budget message after the Governors budget is released.

Provost’s Remarks:
Senior Associate Provost Youatt, spoke on behalf of Provost Wilcox who was in Washington, DC attending a meeting. Professor Youatt noted that ECAC has been discussing issues that faculty have expressed interest in having additional information. The presentation at this meeting will address some of the regulatory constraints that have evolved regarding Federal Grants and compliance.

Executive Committee Chairperson’s Remarks:
Professor Powell reported that the second Faculty Forum was held which resulted in very good input and discussion. The next faculty Forum is scheduled for March, probably March 29. All faculty will be notified.

Slate of Nominees for the Athletic Council 2011-2013:
Secretary Wright announced the slate of nominees for the five vacancies for the Athletic Council 2011-13 as follows:

Chris Corneal (T) Arts & Letters
Martin Crimp (T) Engineering
Nancy Dejoy (NT) Arts & Letters
Fayyaz Hussain (NT) Social Science
Shawn Nicholson (Librarian) Libraries
Bari Olivier (T) Veterinary Medicine
Mitchell Robinson (T) Music
Louise Selanders (T) Nursing
Ryan Sweeder (NT) Lyman Briggs
Geri Alumit Zeldes (NT) Communication Arts & Sciences

A motion was passed to ratify the slate.

Federal Grant Compliance:
President introduced Professor J. R. Haywood. A motion was passed to give voice. Professor Haywood presented information on the Regulatory Burden and Research at MSU. Material was distributed to members and can be found by clicking on the following link: Regulatory Burden and Research at MSU

Modified Duties for Tenure System & Health Programs Faculty with New Dependent Children:
Professor Moriarty, UCFA Chairperson, reported that there is a committee on Faculty Work Life that is looking at aspects of faculty work life and reporting to UCFA. The document on Modified Duties for Tenure System & Health Programs with New Dependent Children was distributed to members as an information item. The Committee on Faculty Work Life is looking at the issue of faculty with aging parents and will bring to UCFA.

Report on Generic Prescribing Program:
Professor Moriarty, UCFA Chairperson, reported that the Generic Prescribing Program began last March, 2010 and the results from the Program have been positive. The cost reduction achieved through December, 2010 for the University as a whole was $3.4 million and for the faculty it was $1 million. The increase in generic dispensing rate for the University as a whole was over 10% and up to 72.3%, and for the faculty it was also 10% and up to 70.6%. In terms of appeals, there were 96 appeals for faculty and 83 were approved. The University as a whole had 454 appeals and of those 328 were granted. The University will be expanding the program July 1, 2011 to include acne antibiotics, medication for migraines and medications for high blood pressure.

Other Business:
There was no further business.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Jacqueline Wright
Secretary for Academic Governance


Tapes of complete meetings of the Faculty Council are available for review in the office of the Secretary for Academic Governance, W32 Owen Graduate Hall, 355-2337

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - 3:22pm
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