University Committee on Academic Governance Membership 2019-2020

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Membership - Academic Year 2019-2020

Effective August 16, 2019


Ajit Srivastava (R)  Agriculture & Natural Resources 2020
Xia Gao (R) (FS 2019)
Alan Beretta (SS 2020)
Arts & Letters 2020
Fredric Jacobs Business 2020
Laura Dilley (R)** Communication Arts & Sciences 2021
Rand Spiro (R)  Education 2020
Mark Worden (R)*** Engineering 2020
John Fitzsimmons Human Medicine 2020
Ryan Sweeder for Lyman Briggs James Madison, Law, Lyman Briggs, Residential College Arts & Humanities 2020
Etienne Charles Music 2020
Gabor Francsics Natural Science 2020
Gyale Lourens Nursing 2020
Kenneth Stringer  Osteopathic Medicine 2020
Chris Smith Social Science 2020
Loraine Sordillo-Gandy (R) Veterinary Medicine 2020
Amanda Tickner (R) Non-College Faculty 2020


Aaron Iturralde Undergraduate (ASMSU) 2020
Oscar Garner III Undergraduate (ASMSU) 2020
Olivia Long  Undergraduate (ASMSU) 2020
Tyler Silvestri* Graduate (COGS) 2020
Diondra Straiton Graduate (COGS) 2020

Ex Officio

Gary Hoppenstand Secretary for Academic Governance
John Gaboury Office of the Provost - Associate Provost for Academic Services

* Chairperson 
** Vice Chairperson

(R) Re-elected
(FT) Fixed-Term


Composition of Committee includes:

1 Faculty member from each college, including Non-College faculty (elected by colleges) with eligibility to serve on UCAG limited to faculty members who have previously served on a University-level Standing Committee or the Faculty Senate

3 Undergraduate Student members of ASMSU

2 Graduate Student members from COGS

The Provost and the Secretary for Academic Governance shall be ex-officio members




Published by: 
Office of the Secretary for Academic Governance 

(517) 355-2337 

Created April 2019 and updated 2/17/2020