University Committee on Graduate Studies Membership 2016-2017

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Membership - Academic Year 2016-2017

Effective August 16, 2016


For UCGS schedule of meeting dates, agendas and minutes, please refer to the following web site:


James Bence (Fall Semester 2016)
Sasha Kravchenko (Spring Semester 2017)
Agriculture & Natural Resources 2017
Gary Roloff Agriculture & Natural Resources 2018
Debra Hardison Arts & Letters 2018
Christian Lotz Arts & Letters 2017
Anand Nair Business 2018
Chris Hogan* Business 2017
Gwen Wittenbaum Communication Arts & Sciences 2018
Aman Yadav Education 2018
E. David Wong Education 2017
Seungik Baek Engineering 2018
Raza Haque (R) Human Medicine 2017
Jeremy Francis (R) Law 2018
Jonathan Reed Music 2017
Kirsten Tollefson Natural Science 2018
David Weliky Natural Science 2017
Kathy Poindexter (R) Nursing 2018
Richard Hallgren Osteopathic Medicine 2017
Mindy Morgan Social Science 2018
Thomas Hammond Social Science 2017
Andres Contreras Veterinary Medicine 2017


Dee Jordan Graduate 2017
Ian Clemente Graduate 2017
Uchechi Chinaka Okeke Graduate 2017
Prakash jha Graduate 2017
Nga Nguyen Graduate 2017

Ex Officio

Judith Stoddart Interim Dean, Graduate School  

* Chairperson

** Vice Chairperson 

(R) Re-elected


Composition of Committee includes:

1 Faculty member from each college, with a Graduate or Graduate-Professional Degree Program (elected by colleges)

1 additional Faculty member from Agriculture & Natural Resources, Arts & Letters, Business, Education, Natural Science and Social Science

5 Graduate Students selected by the Council of Graduate Students (no more than one student may be from any one department, with consideration being given to University-wide representation, insofar as possible)

The Dean of the Graduate School, or the Dean's designee, shall be a member with voice but no vote.

The Chairperson of the Committee will serve on The Steering Committee, Faculty Senate and the University Council.

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Updated December 13, 2016