University Committee on Student Affairs Membership 2018-2019

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Membership - Academic Year 2018-2019

Effective August 16, 2018


For UCSA schedule of meeting dates, agendas and minutes, please refer to the following web site:


Jim Smith (R) Lyman Briggs/Natural Science 2019
Stephen Gasteyer Social Science 2019
David Foran Social Science 2020
Jessica Miesel Agriculture and Natural Resources 2020


Dante Booker ASMSU 2019
Ben Horne ASMSU 2019
Sarah Ghazal ASMSU 2019
Colin Wiebrecht ASMSU 2019

Katherine Rifiotis*

ASMSU-Chairperson 2019
Mario Kakos ASMSU 2019
Seth Betman ASMSU 2019
Janet Meza* COGS 2019
Emily Huizenga COGS 2019

Ex Officio

Denise Maybank Vice President for Student Affairs  
Allyn Shaw Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Shannon Burton Ombudsperson
Rick Shafer Associate Director, Student Life

* Co-Chairperson

**Vice Chairperson


Composition of Committee includes:

4 Faculty members - elected by Faculty Senate

8 Student members appointed as follows:  6 appointees from ASMSU, including the Chairperson of ASMSU; 2 Council of Graduate Students appointees;  The University Committee on Student Affairs appointees are expeted to reflect the diversity of their constituencies.

The Vice President for Student Affairs and Services or the Vice President's designee, and the University Ombudsperson shall be members with voice, but no vote.

The Chairperson of the University Committee on Student Affairs shall be a voting member of the University Council.

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Updated October 22, 2018