University Committee on Undergraduate Education Membership 2017-2018

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Membership - Academic Year 2017-2018

Effective August 16, 2017

For UCUE schedule of meeting dates, agendas and minutes, please refer to the following web site:



Andrew Finley Agriculture & Natural Resources 2019
Sheng-Mei Ma (R) Arts & Letters 2019
Antoinette Tessmer Business 2019
Andrew Corner (R) Communication Arts & Sciences 2019
Matt Pontifex** Education 2018
Giles Brereton (R) Engineering 2018
Richard Miksicek* (R) Human Medicine 2018

Jennifer Goett
Louise Jezierski (NT) (Spring 2018 only)

James Madison 2019
Pending per College Law 2018
Rich Bellon (R) Lyman Briggs 2019
Jan Eberle (R) Music 2019
Marcos (Danny) Caballero Natural Science 2018
Kathy Forrest (R) (FT) Nursing 2018
Katherine Ruger  Osteopathic Medicine 2019
Joanne Bosse Residential College Arts & Humanities 2018
Emily Tabuteau (R) Social Science 2019
Janette Vani Veterinary Medicine 2018
Elizabeth Webster Non-College Faculty 2019


Louis Rolland  Undergraduate 2018
Anna Krupka Undergraduate 2018
Ewurama Appiagyea-Dankah Undergraduate 2018
Jiahao She Undergraduate 2018
Pending Graduate (COGS) 2018
Pending Graduate (COGS) 2018

Ex Officio

R. Sekhar Chivukula Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education

* Chairperson 
** Vice Chairperson
(R) Re-elected
(FT) Fixed-Term


Composition of Committee includes:

1 Faculty member from each college, including Non-College faculty (elected by colleges)

4 Undergraduate Students (1 must be from Academic Assembly, elected by Academic Assembly)

2 Graduate Students

The Provost or a designee shall be a member with voice but no vote.

The Chairperson shall be a designated member of the University Council; The Chairperson is also a voting member of Faculty Senate. One University Committee on Undergraduate Studies  faculty member shall serve as an Ex-Officio member on the Athletic Council.



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Office of the Secretary for Academic Governance 

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Updated March 16, 2018