April 7, 2005

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Approved 10-6-05



Thursday, April 7, 2005
3:15 p.m., 203 Olds Hall

Present: Bresler, DeJong, Gossain, Larabee, Melakeberhan, Peterson; Others: Harrison, Hunt, Wright

Absent:   Daddow, Hlasny, Hughes, Ogden, Smith

The meeting was called to order at 3:18 p.m. without a quorum present.

  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes

Deferred until quorum is reached, if possible.

Item added to agenda:  one ECAC member will be on leave next year, UCAG needs to vote on the procedure for selecting a replacement.

3. Chairperson’s Remarks

All proposed bylaw amendments were added to Academic Council agenda by ECAC.  They will proceed to Academic Council.

ECAC will not put UCAP's report on integrative studies on the Academic Council agenda.  It will be returned to committee for reworking first.

4.  Elections

Elections to the University Committee on Academic Governance

Individuals to be placed on the current ballot will serve through August 2007.  Because several colleges have not held their elections (ANR, A&L, CNS, NUR, SSC), we may have to select a few whose terms expire in 2006.  This would mean that those elected to UCAG would only serve one year prior to their term expiring.

Peterson suggested the two incumbents (DeJong and Gossain) be placed on the ballot along with names of new members, to avoid some serving a one-year term.  DeJong and Gossain did not object.

Committee members decided to wait for the remaining colleges to finish elections before sending ballots to Faculty Council members.  In the meantime, several Faculty Council members were selected for the preliminary ballot.  They include:  Lina Patino (CNS), Andaluna Borcila (JMC), Edmund Rosser (CVM), and Michael Rodriguez (Non-college).

Faculty Liaison to the Board of Trustees

Hunt asked if the faculty member chosen could simultaneously be a member of a University standing committee.  Wright indicated that the faculty member could be on standing committees, and the only requirement was that the individual chosen be a member of Faculty Council.

Peterson suggested Terry Link be selected, even though his term will end in 2006.  It was suggested that we wait until colleges have finished elections, and use email voting at that time to expedite the process.  If there is an insufficient number of names for the ballot by April 29th, we will hold off with elections until fall semester.

  • Athletic Council Perks

 Moved to end of meeting.

  • Other Items

Procedure for selecting an additional ECAC member (added to agenda)

A replacement must be found for a faculty representative on ECAC who will be taking leave next academic year.  Larabee recommended we select the individual with the next highest number of votes to fill the seat.  Dick Weber would be the selection, given he ranked second in voting for ECAC.

Quorum was reached at 3:50 pm.  Both the agenda and minutes from February 3, 2005 were approved.  A motion to approve the process for selecting a replacement member for ECAC was approved.  The motion to approve the process for creating the ballot for UCAG was approved.  The motion to approve the process for selecting a member of the Board liaison was approved.

    • Student representatives on University committees (UCSA)

UCSA has recommended that all undergraduate representatives be selected by ASMSU, rather than through other methods (such as faculty asking for volunteers in their courses or other means).  The need for this has arisen from student representatives selected for ad hoc committees.  ASMSU would like to have responsibility for selecting all undergraduate student representatives, even if those selected are not active in ASMSU.

Discussion ensued on whether use of the term "selected" was appropriate, or whether the language should be "nominated".  In addition, the policy should spell out that some committees are formed by administrative appointment, and ASMSU may be asked to create a list of possible appointees for said administrators.

In addition, the language "any and all" may be too broad.  For example, could this procedure be used for something like the planning for the new residential college?

Larabee suggested the committee needed more information from UCSA, particularly regarding the motivation for the change.  In addition, this policy change does not parallel the process for selecting faculty members for ad hoc committees.  For example, not all faculty representatives on university committees are elected by faculty.  Peterson requested more information on their process for selecting student representatives.

Larabee also pointed out that the policy does not apply to graduate students.  Wright asked if Prasad (ASMSU) could provide more information about the recommended policy change, and Larabee suggested this might be better addressed in the fall given possible changes to university governance recommended by Faculty Voice.

  •  Athletic Council Perks

Peterson pointed out the potential conflict of interest if Athletic Council members receive perks from whom they are advising.  He indicated that no members of any university committee should receive compensation for service, unless such compensation can be justified (members of Athletic Council receive season tickets at a discounted price).

The argument for receiving compensation focuses on the need for members to monitor athletic events.  Members are expected to attend sporting events to observe climate (eg: is the Izzone out of control, or does it contribute positively to the atmosphere of the event?).

Larabee suggested that someone could propose an amendment to the bylaws regarding compensation for service.  Discussion ensued on the value of members attending events, and whether it made sense for them to attend only the most popular sporting events.  In addition, do members really need to be at all events, or just a select few to judge climate?

Peterson suggested that the guiding principle should be that faculty do not receive compensation for committee work. 

Larabee recommended that this be placed on next year's UCAG agenda, and wondered whether this was an issue for ECAC.  Wright suggested that a smaller group or subcommittee might do some research on the issue.

Hearing no other items, the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,
Christina DeJong

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Thursday, April 7, 2005 - 3:18pm
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