December 9, 2004 (No Quorum - Report Submitted)

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Thursday, December 9, 2004
3:15 p.m., 203 Olds Hall

Present: DeJong, Larabee, Lord, Peterson, Smith, Weber;Others: Hunt, Wright

Absent: Gossain, Hlasny, Hughes, Meza, Tluczek, Melakeberhan, Spilotro

The meeting was called to order at 3:25 p.m. with no quorum present.

Approval of Agenda:
Agenda could not be approved due to lack of quorum.

Approval of Minutes:
Minutes could not be approved due to lack of quorum.

New Business

Larabee mentioned that the Faculty Voice Committee will be making recommendations regarding University bylaws. UCAG should be prepared to discuss these, possibly at the February meeting.

College Bylaws Review

Because a quorum was not present, UCAG discussed all bylaws review but could not vote to make changes.

Review of College of Education Bylaws presented by Peterson:

Item                Comment/Question/Recommendation

1.1.2               Should “temporary” be replaced with “fixed term”?

1.3.1               Should the number of faculty required to ?? be a percentage rather than a number? The value of 25 seems arbitrary, and could comprise a significant percentage of the faculty should their numbers be reduced in size.        “Above” should be “matters mentioned in”        (first mention) should be numbered

UCAG members present agreed with above recommendations.

General: Should the faculty grievance procedure be in the bylaws rather than Appendices?

UCAG members present agreed that Section 5 recognizes Appendix B as part of bylaws, so that should be sufficient.

Review of College of Engineering Bylaws presented by Weber:

1.1.2               Change “temporary” to “fixed term”

Remainder of subcomittee’s questions on the bylaws were answered by Julie Harrison and the Engineering Dean’s Office.

Issues raised by UCAG members:            Review of some centers is left to Dean

Hunt will confer with President Designate Simon regarding this issue and report back to UCAG.

6.3                  Should the number ‘ten’ be changed to a percentage?

Special Meetings of ECAC

There is no provision in the University Bylaws that allow special meetings of ECAC to be held. Bylaws should specify frequency of regular meetings as well as special meetings. Needs a general meeting section. Quorum should also be specified.

Larabee will ask Sticklen to draft a section on meetings and submit to UCAG.

Discussion on the functions of ECAC followed. Hunt stated the purpose of ECAC was to (1) provide a mechanism by which faculty can communicate with the administration, (2) provide a steering function, and (3) act in lieu of academic council during summer sessions.

Peterson wondered why curriculum matters no longer go through Faculty Council and then proceed to Academic Council. Wright pointed out that there is faculty representation on the curriculum committee, but will examine bylaws closely. UCAG members wondered if this issue should be passed to the Committee on Faculty Voice, and decided to add an item on the first spring UCAG meeting.

UCAP Representation

The University Committee on Academic Policy has been attending meetings of Athletic Council. Should this be formalized?

Hunt: the president makes appointments to Athletic Council. The UCAP rep is the only seat on that committee not appointed by the president.

Larabee suggested that UCAP forward two names to the president for selection.

UCAG members wondered whether the UCAP representative is a voting member of athletic council, and whether that individual receives the “perks” of membership on the council. UCAG will ask ECAC to clarify the issues and Hunt will research.

Meeting adjourned 4:23 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Christina DeJong

Standing Committee Date: 
Thursday, December 9, 2004 - 3:15pm
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