January 21, 2005

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Approved 2-3-05



Friday, January 21, 2005
3:00 p.m., 203 Olds Hall

Present:  Daddow, DeJong, Gossain, Hlasny, Larabee, Melakeberhan, Peterson; Others: Harrison, Hunt, Wright

Absent:    Bresler, Hughes, Smith

The meeting was called to order at 3:06 p.m. with a quorum present.

Approval of Agenda and Minutes:
Agenda for January 21, 2005 and minutes for November 4, 2004 were approved.

Chairperson’s Remarks

The Committee on Faculty Voice has invited UCAG members to their next meeting.  Larabee recommends that UCAG become more proactive in making recommended changes/additions to bylaws.  Larabee will work with Faculty Voice to find a good meeting time.  By the next UCAG meeting on February 3rd, members should review University bylaws to look for items relevant to faculty voice.

Approval of Reports on College Bylaws (Education and Engineering)

Recommendations to bylaws changes for the College of Education approved.

College of Engineering bylaws: Hunt reported that review of centers is done in conjunction with the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and the Provost.  Centers cannot be reviewed by Deans alone, since by definition they contain faculty from more than one college. 

UCAG recommends that Engineering change their language to reflect that review of centers shall be undertaken in conjunction with the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and the Provost.  The term “board approved” should be removed from

Recommendations to bylaws changes for the College of Engineering approved.

Approval of Elections

Slate of nominees for university committees approved.

Proposed Amendments to Section and to the Bylaws for Academic Governance

The title of the Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Education has been changed.  Thus, section should be changed to read:           The Academic Council shall have the following ex officio members:  Vice President for Student Affairs and Services, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, Vice Provost for Libraries, Computing and Technology, Assistant Provost for University Outreach and Engagement, Associate Provost, Assistant Provost and Assistant Vice President for Academic Human Resources, Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of Undergraduate Studies,  Assistant Provost for Graduate Education, Assistant Provost for Academic Student Services and Multicultural Issues, Assistant Provost for Academic Services and Registrar, Faculty Grievance Official, Secretary for Academic Governance and Ombudsman.

Hunt indicated that the title of the Director of the Honors College has been changed.  Section should be amended to read: The voting members of Academic Council shall be the faculty representatives, student representatives, designated members of Academic Council Standing Committees, voting members of the Executive Committee, deans of academic programs, Dean of the Graduate School, Dean of International Studies and Programs, Dean of the Honors College and the directors of the Honors College and Libraries.

Both changes to the Bylaws were approved.

Update on Proposal with regard to the Process of Scheduling Meetings

UCAG members discussed whether a change to the bylaws allowing ECAC to call special meetings was necessary, when committees have the right to call special meetings according to Robert’s Rules of Order.  However, meetings of ECAC involve the President and Provost, who require additional time to schedule meetings given their busy calendars.

In addition, it is unclear whether ECAC is requesting to amend and or requesting an addition to the bylaws.

Request tabled until UCAG receives additional information.

Update on Proposal for Formalizing the Process of Having a UCAP Liaison Representative to Athletic Council

UCAP representative to Athletic Council indicated to Larabee that his/her function is to keep aware of any issues discussed on Athletic Council directly related to Academic Policies as well as serve as a resource to Athletic Council on matters of Academic Policy.  Representative has received tickets to one football game when there were extra seats.

Hunt pointed out that allowing UCAP to send a representative to Athletic Council would circumvent the Presidential appointment system.  President Simon is not opposed to the UCAP representative to Athletic Council being selected by UCAP members.  In addition, UCAG recommends that UCAP specify that the representative must be a faculty member.

UCAG members were concerned that the “perks” extended to Athletic Council members represented a conflict of interest.

Motion passed to invite the chair of Athletic Council to meet with UCAG for discussion and to provide information on perks received by members.

UCAG defers recommendation on UCAP representative to Athletic Council after receiving information on perks.

Meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Christina DeJong

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Friday, January 21, 2005 - 3:06pm
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