October 1, 2009

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Approved 10-1-09






Thursday, October 1, 2009

32 Owen Graduate Hall


Present: Laura Cloud, Stefan Fletcher, John Foss, Susan Kendall, Dillon Lappe, Mary Noel, Sowmya Surapur, Frederic Tims, Jacqueline Wright

Absent: Haddish Melakeberhan, June Youatt

Meeting was called to Order by Chairperson Kendall at 3:20 PM. Agenda was approved.

Minutes for September 3, 2009 were approved.

Replacement for UCAG Member, Christopher Dunbar:
Secretary Jacqueline Wright stated the Chris Dunbar, member from College of Education, could no longer make Faculty Council meetings but could make UCAG meetings. According to the bylaws, UCAG members must serve on Faculty Council, so therefore he could not continue to serve on UCAG. The bylaws are silent on how to replace a member, so Secretary Wright suggested that a replacement be named in the same way as an At Large member of ECAC.

The committee agreed with the procedure and nominated Professor Jill Slade, College of Osteopathic Medicine to replace Christopher Dunbar.

College of Education Bylaw Review:
The committee consisting of Ted Tims, Laura Cloud and Stefan Fletcher met to review the College of Education Bylaws. The committee stated that there were no major drastic suggested changes to the bylaws.  The review was distributed.

The committee decided to delay final action on the suggestions until all members could review the College of Education bylaws.

Next College to be Reviewed - Engineering or Libraries:
The members reviewed which members are reviewing the respective college.  Chris Dunbar, who had to resign and Kristy Currier,  no longer serving on UCAG, were both identified at the September meeting to review the Libraries Bylaws.  Sowmya Sarapur and John Foss are on the Libraries review.  Members will identify members for the College of Engineering at the November meeting.  Members requested Secretary Wright to send an email to UCAG members and a link to all of the colleges to be reviewed.

Additional College to Review - Residential College in the Arts and Humanities:
The committee decided that members for this committee shall not be chosen until Jill Slade is in attendance.

Review of Student Organizational Election Processes - Professor Jacqueline Wright:
Secretary Wright stated that the review of the election processes of the two student organizations, ASMSU and COGS, shall begin. After the review is done, all findings will be sent back to UCAG for their review.

Mary Noel was asked to assist in the review. Mary Noel accepted.

Other Business:   

  • Bylaw Revisions:
    The committee discussed the process of presenting the proposed bylaw amendments to Faculty Council. The committee decided that Chairperson Susan Kendall would introduce the bylaws on the floor, followed by a statement by former UCAG Chairperson Edmund Rosser, followed by a motion to approve the amendments. All suggestions made by Bob Banks shall be discussed after the initial revisions are approved.

Meeting adjourned 4:45 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Dillon Lappe with Editing by the Governance Office



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Thursday, October 1, 2009 - 3:15pm
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