September 17, 2015

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Approved 10-15-15




THURSDAY 17 SEPTEMBER 2015,  3:15 P.M.



Present:  Edward Budeca (AA), Manuel Chavez (CAS) chairperson, Xia Gao (CAL), Elle Gulotty (COGS), Lynette Guzman (COGS), Sherry Lott, Debra Nails (CAL), John Powell ex officio,Janice Schwartz (COM)

Absent: Bradley Beyett (AA), Stephan Carey (VM), Julia Christensen (AA), Ryan Smith (AA)

Pending: two college representatives, one undergraduate representative

Call to order: There being no quorum at 3:19, the members present agreed to proceed with business “at their own risk” (Robert’s11 §40):  any action taken would be subject to ratification at a duly constituted meeting of the committee.

Agenda:  The agenda was approved as corrected. (Items were taken out of order as matters arose.)

Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Minutes of 19 February 2015 were approved as corrected.

Business of the Committee: 

Election of officers (agenda items 3–5).  Two nominations for chairperson were received: Nails and Chavez.  After discussion, the election was tabled until the October meeting.

Ex officio membership.  There was a brief discussion of whether the Bylaws for Academic Governance (the Bylaws) should always stipulate whether an ex officio member of a body is voting or non-voting in relation to precedent, an MSU Extension Service site, and Robert’s Rules.  It was agreed that the committee should look at ex-officio matters more closely and, where possible, in the context of the Bylaws, especially because colleges and other units may assume that their own policies must mirror the Bylaws in all respects.

UCAG Priorities for the Year and Discussion of Academic Governance Roles.  The committee noted the document “Discussion of Academic Governance Roles” distributed in advance.  Gulotty pointed out, and the committee agreed, that some provisions of the Bylaws are not being followed and ought to be deleted or amended, e.g., items 3.5.3–3.5.5 on the role of the Secretary for Academic Governance. 

            It was agreed that, because Bylaws changes in one section may have implications for other sections, the committee needs to see a current, authoritative copy of the Bylaws as a whole before proposing particular amendments.  The committee also agreed to move its proposals together, not piecemeal, toward Board of Trustees consideration. 

Examining Academic Governance Bylaws Changes and Inconsistencies.  Powell had circulated “Bylaw Changes and Inconsistencies” for the consideration of the committee; he also displayed a document in progress, annotating particular bylaws to highlight questions he must frequently answer and on which he considers the Bylaws vague, ambiguous, or inconsistent.  The document also included routine items that have already been approved but not yet posted on the official Bylaws.  The committee expressed its agreement that a variety of changes are needed, but thought it best to postpone further discussion of the specifics until proposals could be seen (i) in the context of the Bylaws and (ii) with familiar strikethrough and bold notation. 

            It was agreed that the committee needed to be able to communicate and edit electronically.  Powell said that he would place an editable version of the Bylaws in Dropbox and send a link to the committee members to facilitate the editing process the following week. 

FRIB Changes to the Bylaws for Academic Governance.  Approved as amended. 

Recruiting UCAG Members. Chavez said he had tried to recruit volunteers, which did not work, and that he would ask the chairpersons of each college advisory council or committee to provide at least one nominee. 

New Business:  None.

Adjournment:  4:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Debra Nails

Standing Committee Date: 
Thursday, September 17, 2015 - 3:15pm
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