Faculty and University Council Meetings

UPDATE AS OF MARCH 24, 2020: The Steering Committee, Faculty Senate, and University Council will meet remotely at the usual times beginning March 24, 2020.


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April 2, 2019
UCFA Recommendation for the Faculty Merit and Market Pool Increase
Consensual and Amorous Relationships Policy
Process for Dismissal of Tenured Faculty Members, Revised Policy
Bylaw Amendments
Faculty Success Initiatives
Campus Safety
Student Information System
MSU Ideas Portal

March 12, 2019
Academic Year Calendar Reports
Report from UCAG on Bylaws Revisions Status
Questions from Faculty Senate for the Presidential Search Committee
Email Voting on Agenda Items
FAR Report
Faculty Senate List Serve
Scholarly Publishing and Communications

February 5, 2019
MSU Website Issues
IT Update
MSU Online Strategy
Revised Emeritus Policy Changes Request
University Committee for the Library Bylaw Change Request
Teladoc Utilization
Budget Update

January 8, 2019
Board of Trustees Response to Reclaim MSU Proposal
Continuing Concerns Regarding Hostile Work Environment
Healing Fund
Budgetary Policy
Mental Health Update
Provost Promotion and Tenure Memo to The Steering Committee
Bylaws and Regarding CACC One-Year Term

November 6, 2018
High Risk Travel Process
Bylaw 4.4.1., to Make honors College Voice-and-Vote Representation Possible
Request for New Academic Unit, Department of African American Studies
Mary Finn, Official Faculty Senate Representative on the Presidential Search Committee
The Academic Year Calendar
Discussions on how to Move Forward with Faculty Senate Endorsed Proposal
Disucssion of the Minutes of The Steering Committee, Faculty Senate and University Council
Bylaw Revisions and Approved from the University Committee on Academic Governance (UCAG) to move to Faculty Senate, for their discussion
Discussion on: David Ware suggestions from the Board of Trustees meeting on October 26, 2018

October 2, 2018
Faculty Senate Work Session on October 9, with John Beck, Setting Priorities and Approaches for the Coming Year
Academic Specialists and FRIB Election Process
MSU Candidacy for the MSU Board of Trustees
Block Tuition
Mandatory Healthcare for Students Policy
Search Committee Listening Session Meeting Notes, Request to Make Them Widely Available ASAP
University Council or Faculty Senate Proposal for Faculty and Student Representatives on BOT Subcommittees
Invite Chairs of BOT Subcommittees to University Council or Faculty Senate Annually for Discussion and Input
University Council Presidential Search Committee Proposal, Accepted MSU Practice
Mayor Mark Meadows Speaking at University Council in October
Greg Koerner from MSU IT Digital Classroom Services Group to Faculty Senate to Request Feedback
President and Provost Membership on Faculty Senate

September 4, 2018
IT Centralization Process and Fielding Questions
Request for Revised Reporting Procedures for Standing Committee Reports
Presidential Search Committee Update
Issue Regarding the Board of Trustees and the Michigan Constitution
Trustee Foster's Attendance at the September 11 Faculty Senate Meeting
Academic Specialists as Voting Members