April 7, 2015

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Approved 9-8-15






Present: President Simon, Provost Youatt, E. Bank, T. Bitner, M. Chavez, D. Clark, K. Maass, M. Crimp, P. Floyd, G. Jackson, L. McCabe, D. Moriarty, M. Noel, J. Powell, S. Sankar, E. Strauss, C. Taggart; Others:  T. Curry, S. Lott, C. Macko (State News), J. Mauer

Absent: W. Davidson, A. Paginini, M. Sticklen

1.                  Approval of Agenda for April 7, 2015 – Time:  3:20

·         Motion Approved as amended – Chavez seconded

2.                  Approval of Draft Minutes for March 3, 2015

·         Motion Approved at published – Chavez seconded

3.                  President’s Remarks – Lou Anna K. Simon

·         President Simon outlined a number of concerns and changes regarding the NCAA regulations intercollegiate athletics.  Some changes have been implemented with some degree of uncertainity of their effect.  For example, in fall 2016 freshmen will have all of the academic requirements.  We are in the middle of the first year of the new enforcement rules for coaches.  We are in the third year of the a medical director and that has produced needs safety programs.  There will be changes implemented moving forward regarding a number of important issues.

·         President Simon said that uncertainties about the University budget remain because of uncertainties in the legislature.  Although the Senate endorsed a recommendation of the Governor, there is likely to be no action until the road budget is settled, and the prospect for that is considered low.  In addition, sign-up rates for the alternative medical plan for the State have been high and the costs are uncertain and will have a long-term effect.  Our budget planning continues to address these issue.

·         Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct (RVSM):  Student survey went out today.

4.                  Provost’s Remarks – June Youatt

·         Dean Searches: Business has interviewed, and feedback is expected soon.  Arts & Letters will have two visiting candidates.  The last College of Nursing candidate will be here this week.  New deans are expected to be appointed in May.

·         Cross University Minor: Students would be able to earn minors from colleges other than the one in which they major.  The Provost is identifying a director to lead the program.

·         The new dean of the Gradate School will be identified in the near future.

5.                  The Steering Committee Chairperson’s Remarks – Professor Deborah Moriarty

·         No relevant issues.

6.                        RVSM Policy Update – Paulette Granberry Russell, Director of Inclusion and Senior Advisor to the President

·         Thanks to the faculty for its participation in the overall process.  May 1 has been set as a goal for the participation of all faculty.  Faculty faculty that have not completed the training will be recieving reminders . Currently about 20% have completed the online process, which requires 30–35 minutes for completion.  The length of time has been a matter of concern.  There a number of comments from participants that were very helpful as we continue to improve the training. 

7.                        Grief Absence Policy – Update from University Committee on Undergraduate Education – Professor Cynthia Taggart, UCUE Chairperson

·         Motion to submit the policy to the University Council was approved.

8.                        University Committee on Faculty Affairs Recommendations – Professor Phyllis Floyd, UCFA Chairperson

·         Recommendation for 2015–16 Faculty Merit and Market Pool Increase was presented.  It was recommended that the data regarding total compensation be added to the report.,  Motion to submit the policy to the University Council was approved.

·         Revised Background Check Policy. Motion to submit the policy to the Faculty Senate was approved.

·         Faculty Grievance Policy.  Motion to submit the policy to the Faculty Senate was approved.

9.                        Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) – Dr. Joel Maurer, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of Admission, College of Human Medicine

·         Kristine Zayko and Dr. Mauer will be asked to return in August.

10.                    Human Resources Request for Proposal for New Investment Advisory Group – Professor Mary Noel, College of Human Medicine.

·         Faculty participated on the HR review committee for the RFP materials for a New Investement Advisory Group for faculty.

11.                    Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA), Proposal for Faculty Senate Consideration – Professor Martin Crimp. MSU COIA Representative.

·         Professor Crimp provided an update on the proceedings COIA meeting.  He will cointinue as the MSU representative.

12.                    Secretary of Academic Governance – Summary of coming events.

13.                    Adjournment at 5:00 P.M.


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Tuesday, April 7, 2015 - 3:15pm
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