December 6, 2011

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Approved 1-10-12

December 6, 2011
Board Room, Administration Building

Present: Provost Wilcox, W. Anderson, Emily Bank, S. Carter, W. Davidson, L. Dillon, S. Fletcher, J. Godeeris, M. Halloran, M. Kaplowitz, T. Levine, S. Marino, D. Moriarty, John Powell, Z. Taylor, J. Wright;
Others: T. Curry, S. Lott, Beau Hayhoe and Steven Brooks (State News)

Absent: President Simon, H. Hughes, L. Jordan, J. Youatt

Professor Powell called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m. with a quorum being present.

The Agenda was amended adding the following item: UCAG follow up. The amended agenda was approved.

The Minutes for November 1, 2011 were approved as distributed.

President’s Remarks:
President Simon was out of town on business.

Provost’s Remarks:
Provost Wilcox reported that a summary of the Governance activities will be presented at the BOT meeting on Friday, including issues that will be coming in the Spring as well as a summary from Fall semester. The issue of the composition of the Faculty Liaison to the BOT has been discussed with several BOT members and the intent is to broaden the discussion with all of the members now. The Provost thanked the members for their work this semester.

There was a question regarding the coming retreats with the Deans. The Provost reported that the President had called for a series of administrative retreats and the intent is to have a greater synthesis of academic, research and curriculum directions for the University.

The Steering Committee Chairperson’s Remarks:
Professor Powell reported a Faculty Forum was held and that it was a good working session. The URO Report has been distributed to the various standing committees. UCFA has begun discussion and UCUS will begin discussion. The Work Group on the ADP Policy has received President Simon’s response and the group will report at the next Steering Committee meeting in January.

Proposal to Change the “Dual Enrollment by Undergraduates” Policy – Update:
Professor Dillon, UCUS Chairperson, reported there were no concerns raised during their discussion. Professor Goddeeris, Chairperson of UCGS, reported the committee will be discussing the issue. UCSA has the issue on their agenda. The committees, yet to discuss, will report to The Steering Committee in February.

Proposal to Combine the Departments of Crop and Soil Sciences and Plant Pathology into a New Department – Follow up from UCUS and UCGS:
Professor Dillon, UCUS Chairperson, reported the committee had no concerns regarding the Proposal. Professor Goddeeris, Chairperson of UCGS, reported the committee had no concerns regarding the Proposal. The Provost noted the Departments are close to naming the new Department. A motion passed to place as an information item for the Faculty Senate and University Council.

Proposal to Establish a New Research Faculty Track:
Professor Curry reported that UCFA had discussed the document on establishing a Research Faculty Appointment Category last year and shared with UCFT. Professor Curry explained the new category is being proposed to meet the needs of a research intensive, land grant university in the recruitment and retention of individuals who support the research mission of the University. The function of this group of faculty will be to advance the research mission through funded research as fixed term faculty and will carry the title Research Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor with standards that are akin to the standards and research expectations that exist for tenured faculty. The faculty would be generating externally funded research to support their position and to advance the research mission of their unit. There is a provision for bridge funding to accommodate the fact that sometimes there is a period of down time to work on the next grant. There was some discussion regarding faculty reviews and monitoring the faculty. Currently fixed term faculty can serve on Graduate Committees with approval of the Graduate School. Professor Curry noted that if a faculty is 100% funded with Federal monies then the person is not to be doing other activities. A motion was passed to refer the proposal to UCGC and report back to the Steering Committee in February.

UCAG Report:
Secretary Wright, standing in for Professor Hughes, UCAG Chairperson, reported the committee found that the proposed motion to amend the Bylaws, which was sent to UCAG by The Steering Committee, lacked clarity. The motion proposed was to add the Vice President for Human Resources as an ex-officio member to the Steering Committee, University Council and UCFA. The Secretary received a restatement of the motion which was contradictory to the motion passed at The Steering Committee meetings. UCAG was not clear as to the intent of the motion and which committees the ex-officio member was to attend.

The Secretary requested Professor Powell to attend the next UCAG meeting this week with the corrected proposed motion and to respond to the questions raised by members. Professor Powell will attend.

Ad Hoc Task Force Assessment Task Force Re: Changes to the Code of Teaching Responsibility and Integrity of Scholarships and Grades – Update:
Professor Goddeeris, Chairperson of UCGS, reported the committee had not discussed the report due to a full agenda and plans to report in February or March. Professor Dillon, Chairperson of UCUS, reported that the committee had discussed but needed to have further discussion and will report at next meeting. UCFA also needs to discuss.

On Campus Parking the Day Prior to a Home Football Game:
Professor Moriarty brought the issue of parking the day prior to a football game to the committee. The parking by the Music Building has been blocked from early Friday through the game time. This has caused major problems leaving no parking for performances occurring during this period. Following some discussion, a motion was passed to refer the issue to UCFA for discussion with the AUTSC.

Draft Agenda for Faculty Senate for January 17, 2012:
The agenda for the Faculty Senate meeting scheduled for January 17, 2012 will be held until the January 10 meeting.

Draft Agenda for University Council for January 24, 2012:
The agenda for the University Council meeting scheduled for January 24, 2012 will be held until the January 10 meeting.

New Business:
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Jacqueline Wright
Secretary for Academic Governance

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 3:15pm
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