Draft Minutes - December 7, 2010

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December 7, 2010
Board Room, Administration Building

Present: President Simon (via conference call), Provost Wilcox, R. Appel, G. Bice, S. Carter, J. Epstein, S. Fletcher, D. Bronstein (for J. Funk), H. Hughes, M. Kaplowitz, T. Levine, A. Lovgren, R. Maleczka, D. Moriarty, C. Parker, J. Powell, J. Wright, J. Youatt; Others: S. Ballentine (State News), B. Beekman, L. McKown (State News), S. Lott, K. Zayko

Absent: M. Sticklen, C. Schotten

Professor Powell called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m. with a quorum being present.

The agenda was amended adding an item regarding recognition for outgoing BOT. Another item was added under Other Business, regarding having information presented on Federal Compliance issues for Research and the role of governance. The amended agenda was approved.

The minutes for November 2, 2010 were approved as distributed.

President’s Remarks:
The President called in from a meeting out of State. She report that the University has been having effective conversations with Governor-elect Schneider and his team as they try to chart a difficult path for the State. President Simon is encouraged by the work Steve Webster is doing with the new administration.. She encouraged faculty to provide ideas and comments to Steve Webster and others. The Provost indicated he has had several informal meetings with various members of the Governor-elect’s team which have been very productive about the future. President Simon thanked the faculty for all of the work and leadership during the Semester and that progress has been made on a number of issues.

President Simon reported that a decision had been made to appoint Denise Maybanks as the interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Services. A national search will be conducted for the position. The search procedures will be brought to Governance in the Spring. Work is continuing on the reorganization, which includes minimal change with things that are in the Provost’s Office remaining in the Provost’s Office and those things historically in the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services remaining in that Office. Work is continuing on the reorganization of the merger of residence life and campus life to be effective July 1, 2011. There will be ample opportunities for individuals to comment on the specifics of the reorganization.

Provost’s Remarks:
Provost Wilcox noted that one of the recommendations from the Task Force on the Academic Calendar a year ago was to reconsider the tradition of having commencement before finals week, Fall Semester, instead of following finals week. Provost Wilcox indicated this change will be in place for Fall 2012.

ECAC Chairperson’s Remarks:
Professor Powell reported that a Faculty Forum was held to have dialog with faculty for ideas etc. There were three faculty attending and the discussion was robust. A question arose about the issue of spousal hires which may be discussed at some time. The At-Large faculty felt the forum was worthwhile and some Forums will be held next semester.

Professor Powell asked UCSA and UGC chairpersons if they had any feedback regarding the Student Health Policy. They both indicated feedback would be coming to ECAC. Adam Lovgren, COGS Chairperson, reported on a survey done last Spring on Graduate and Professional Students regarding health insurance. The following three recommendations were made as a result of the survey: 1) All Graduate and Professional students, spouses and children should be pooled onto one plan that provides coverage levels consistent with the current graduate assistant plan with the same premium for all members; 2) The University should negotiate this insurance to have a more appropriate Medical Cost Ratio (MCR) around 0.8, which would entail a premium around $1,500/year: and 3) If the University cannot fund an insurance provider to offer this kind of plan, then it should consider self-insurance.

Recognition for BOT Members:
Professor Powell reported he had drafted the following resolution on behalf of Governance to present to Trustee McNamara and Trustee Nugent for their service to the University:

Recognition from Academic Governance.
On the eve of the completion of the terms of office of Trustee Colleen McNamara and Trustee Donald Nugent as members of the MSU Board of Trustees, the MSU community, represented in the Academic Council, extends a sincere “thank you” for their leadership and service to Michigan State University. The faculty, graduate and undergraduate students recognize the impact of their efforts as the University has successfully navigated through a number of challenges. Throughout their terms of office, they have continually sought input from the faculty and academic community. Their dedication, patience and engagement during the past 16 years represent an essential part of the growth and development of MSU as a community. Trustees McNamara and Nugent embody the true spirit of “advancing knowledge and transforming lives”. We wish each of them continued success and happiness in their endeavors and look forward to seeing them around the campus. A motion was passed to adopt the resolution.

Request for Policy Changes to the Code of Teaching Responsibility & Integrity of Scholarships & Grades:
Provost Wilcox presented a proposal to amend the Code of Teaching Responsibility and Integrity of Scholarship and Grades – Proctoring. The Provost indicated the request is prompted by a growing need, particularly with the expansion of online and hybrid instruction, to be explicit about arrangements for proctoring student work. Issues related to when, how, and whom is responsible for proctoring student work require serious consideration by the faculty and clear communication to students. A motion was passed to refer to UCAP, UGC, UCSA and UCFA.

Anti-Discrimination Policy/Sexual Harassment Policy Work Group:
Professor Carter reported on the progress of the work group. Christine Zayko was given voice to speak. The group has focused on the Sexual Harassment Policy looking at the concerns regarding the area of investigation and looked to strengthen the language with respect to the First Amendment and sexual harassment. Christine Zayko noted that UCFA Personnel Subcommittee had done some work last February. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announced that one of their enforcement efforts was on Title 9 compliance and that they would be going out to look for problems and policies that were not up to par. OCR also clarified their position with respect to how investigations should be done, particularly in the student/student sexual harassment areas. A change is being made in the Policy to be in accordance with the Department of Education. The primary change is in the investigation process before it is referred. There is also some clarifying language around the First Amendment to make it clear that this Policy is not intended to abridge First Amendment rights. The other change was to have each College identify a liaison or contact person and who understands the process when there is a complaint of sexual harassment.

The AFR outlines the different types of policies in the University. Some policies go through Governance and ultimately to the BOT. There are other policies called Administrative Rulings and these policies are passed by the President, and President‘s offices. These policies do not go to the BOT and they do not need to go through Governance but they are sent out for appropriate consultation with Governance. The Sexual Harassment Policy is one that is passed by the President.

The working group will continue to work on the ADP and Users Manual and any recommendations related to the process and how an investigation is conducted. These recommendations will apply to any investigation done under the umbrella of the ADP.

A motion was passed to inform the Academic Council that ECAC has received an update to the Sexual Harassment policy and it was well received.

Proposal to Revise the MSU Course Repeat Policy:
Professor Bice, Chairperson of UCAP, presented a proposal to revise the MSU Course Repeat Policy from the Committee. The Council of Deans reviewed the proposal and suggested an implementation plan be developed and forwarded with the proposal. The plan is now complete and therefore UCAP is asking for review. UCAP requests that ECAC forward these materials to appropriate governance bodies. A motion was passed to refer to UCFA, UGC, ASMSU, UCSA and COGS for review and report back to ECAC by February.

Proposal for the Reorganization of the Shared Basic Biomedical Science Departments – Follow up:
Professor Bice, UCAP Chairperson, reported the UCAP’s response to the Proposal. UCAP has requested additional documentation is needed in order to provide an informed recommendation. The Provost indicated he had received feedback from UCFA and UGC. UCFA and UGC need to send their feedback to the Governance office in order to keep track of responses. UCSA will be providing feedback. Provost Wilcox will report back to ECAC and will provide a time line in January.

Faculty Mentoring Policy:
Professor Moriarty, Chairperson of UCFA, reported the Policy came from the Provost and the Personnel Subcommittee. The purpose was an attempt to develop an overall mentoring policy so each College could develop for their College. It was decided that the policy should go to Faculty Council as an information item. A motion was passed to present to Faculty Council as an information item.

Annual Performance Review for Fixed Term Faculty and Academic Staff:
Professor Moriarty, Chairperson of UCFA, reported this document is to go into the Faculty Handbook.
A motion was passed to place this item on Faculty Council agenda for information and discussion.

Health Care Update:
Professor Moriarty, reported that the Health Care Committee will be meeting with the consultants on December 14, 2010. The consultants are to discuss the data and make recommendations.

Draft Agenda for Faculty Council for January 18, 2011:
The agenda for the Faculty Council meeting scheduled for January 18, 2011 is as follows:

  • Approval of agenda
  • Public Comments
  • Scholarship Publication Issues
  • Faculty Mentoring Policy
  • Annual Performance Review for Fixed Term Faculty and Academic Staff
  • Other Business

Draft Agenda for Academic Council for January 25, 2011:
The agenda for the Academic Council meeting scheduled for January 25, 2011 is as follows:

  • Approval of agenda
  • Public Comments
  • University Committee on Curriculum Report – Action
  • Overview of the CIC Sexual Harassment Policy Update
  • Other Business

Other Business:
Profess Maleczka reported that there was a significant discussion at the CIC Faculty Leadership Conference regarding Federal Compliance issues and the impact on faculty time and the resources of the University. There was some discussion among faculty about having someone who handles compliance at MSU address ECAC or Faculty Council as to how regulations are interpreted and how governance and faculty have input. Provost Wilcox indicated Vice President Gray could come to speak to Faculty Council about the Federal directions and how MSU is structured. Members agreed that this could be an agenda item. Professor Maleczka agreed to contact Vice President Gray for a presentation in March.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Jacqueline Wright
Secretary for Academic Governance

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010 - 3:15pm
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