Draft Minutes - October 7, 2008

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October 7, 2008

Board Room, Administration Building

PRESENT: Provost Wilcox , S. Chivukula, K. Currier, L. Good, H. Hughes, M. Kroth, C. Kulesza, M. Madan, M. Morash, Ross Emmett (for D. Moriarty), E. Outslay, E.J. Potchen, E. Rosser, S. Stanley, S. Teahan, J. Wright, J. Youatt; Others: T. Curry, S. Johnson, H. Guenther (State News)

ABSENT: J. Sticklen

Professor Potchen called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m. with a quorum being present. Professor Potchen introduced Professor Ross Emmett from UCFA, sitting in for Professor Deborah Moriarty.

The Agenda was amended adding items: CSC 101 and the Replacement of an ECAC At-Large member. The Agenda was approved as amended.

The Minutes for April 29, 2008 Special Meeting were approved as distributed.

The Minutes for September 9, 2008 were approved as distributed.

Provost’s Remarks:
Provost Wilcox is delayed and en route. Provost Wilcox reported that the Task Force Report on Fall Transitions is on the Provost’s web site as of today. Provost Wilcox asked a group last Spring Semester to set up recommendations for the transition of first year students to campus with a focus on the beginning of the school period. The report provides context as well as recommendations. The recommendations begin with consideration of the spring before, for seniors in high school, the Summer Academic Orientation Program and the fall beginning of school. The Provost has asked Associate Dean Estry to meet with the Associate Deans in the Residential Colleges to discuss the Faculty Council resolution to consult with this group on their beginning of school prospectus.

The Provost noted that last Spring we had discussed the development of a statement on civility that would complement the President’s statement on civility. We had agreed to assemble a group of faculty and students to develop a joint statement. Following some discussion a motion was passed to refer the issue of the development of a statement on civility to UCFA and UCSA to draft a joint statement to go to Faculty and Academic Councils no later than March, 2009.

The Provost had been asked to comment on the review of the Grants and Contracts Office. The past 2 to 3 years Vice President Grey has reworked the compliance offices, both animal and human compliance. He is now in the process of reworking many of the intellectual property offices and working with the MSU Foundation to rethink internal grant support. It is now at the point for the next task looking at potential bottle necks in the Grants and Contracts Office. Organizationally, the Grants and Contracts Office is a business operation. President Simon and Vice President Poston has started a review of the business processes in that office. Professor Morash commented she would like to see faculty assessment and input as to getting the money to do the research. There was a recommendation for a conversation with UGC preceding and following the benchmark review.

There was a question about the faculty in Dubai. Provost Wilcox noted the primary intent in Dubai is to be sure we create MSU programs that are of the quality and nature of programs here on campus. The cohort of faculty will be a mix of regular tenure stream faculty from MSU for a period of time, academic staff and fixed term faculty, and some faculty permanently hired just to be in Dubai. There is also a group hired on a short term, fixed term capacity in Dubai. Another point made was that MSU is not creating separate programs or separate units. The only degrees offered are those offered on the MSU campus. The Program leadership is on campus in the home Department. The faculty are part of the MSU governance and most of the faculty in Dubai are affiliated with a degree program. There is the intent to build a robust communication system. At this time, the total number of students is 60 and the total faculty is12. The full capacity is anticipated to be around 200 students.

There was some discussion of the review of the academic year calendar and the issues to be examined. The BOT really needs to endorse changes in the academic calendar. The Provost sees the changes in the start date as permanent but that we are always making changes so this year is no different than other years.

The Provost noted that the consideration of the changes in the ADP will be deferred until the grievance is determined.

ECAC Chairperson’s Remarks:
Professor Potchen did not have any remarks at this time.

Replacement of an ECAC At-Large Member:
Professor Wright reported Merry Morash would be on sabbatical Spring Semester and, therefore, an At-Large member is needed to fill the vacancy. The process is spelled out in the Bylaws, section The UCAG reviewed the ballots from the Spring 2008 election and identified the nominee with the next highest votes, Robert Maleczka. Professor Maleczka would be able to fill the duties of this position. A motion passed to place UCAG’s recommendation on Faculty Council.

Functions and Procedures of the Executive Committee:
Professor Potchen clarified the role and functions of ECAC as in the Bylaws for Academic Governance, Section 3.3.2. It is important that ECAC review and discuss the issues brought to the committee to refer to other committees, and/or place as items on the agendas of Faculty and Academic Councils. ECAC is not a deliberative body debating the issues. The previous meeting was lengthy with much deliberation, and this was the reason Professor Potchen clarified the role of ECAC.

CIC Faculty Leadership Conference:
The annual CIC Faculty Governance Leadership Conference will be held at the University of Michigan this year October 31 to November 1, 2008. Each university sends 2 to 3 representatives to the conference. Professors Hughes, Teahan and Wright volunteered to attend the conference this year.

Undergraduate Learning Assistant Policy:
Professor Youatt reported that UCAP had recommended the Undergraduate Learning Assistant Policy to the Provost. The Undergraduate Learning Assistants (ULA) provide a variety of non-teaching supports in courses, while they are mentored in their roles by the faculty-of-record for those courses. This policy provides some definition and structure to the position of ULA so that their work is an educational experience; their activities contribute to the learning of their peers so that the ULA’s are appropriately mentored in ways that allow them to be helpful to the faculty with whom they work. Provost Wilcox endorses the Policy and ECAC members were asked if further consultation was needed. No further consultation was recommended. A motion was passed to place on the agendas of Faculty Council and Academic Council.

Involvement of Governance re Energy:
Professor Potchen noted the importance of involving students and faculty in helping establish energy policies for the University. Linda Boomer is coordinating an energy committee involved in activities such as evaluating the energy usage in various buildings and the off hour scheduling of buildings. Professor Potchen stressed the need for faculty from governance to be involved in this committee. Following discussion, a motion passed to refer the issue to UCFA and UCSA to look at whether adequate attention is being paid to the impact on faculty and students and to report to ECAC by January or February.

UCC Comprehensive Proposal 4 & 5:
Professor Chivukula, Chairperson of UCAP, reported the UCAP recommends Proposals 4 & 5 be sent to Faculty and Academic Councils for action. A motion passed to place proposals 4 & 5 on the Faculty Council and Academic Council agendas.

Policy on the Integrity of Scholarships and Grades:
Professor Chivukula, Chairperson of UCAP, presented a status report on the revision of the Policy on the Integrity of Scholarships and Grades. UCAP recommends that the draft policy be examined by all relevant committees of academic governance. This action is UCAP’s response to ASMSU Bill 14-24 recommending UCAP re-examine the University Academic Integrity Policy. In the memorandum of April 14, 2008, UCAP provides a brief description of the rationale for the revision and a summary of the issues raised during the discussions of the Academic Integrity Policy at MSU. UCAP strongly recommends that USCA consider revisions to the Academic Freedom for Students at MSU (AFR). The revision of the Policy on the Integrity of Scholarships and Grades needs to be consistent in the AFR. Professor Chivukula reported the revision was referred by ECAC to UCFA, UCSA, ASMSU, COGS. UCFA has provided feedback and UCSA is considering the issue this semester. The goal is to bring this issue back to ECAC by January so action can be taken in Faculty and Academic Councils next Semester. A motion passed to send the revision of the Policy on the Integrity of Scholarships and Grades to Faculty Council and Academic Council as an information item.

COIA’s Position on NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate:
Professor Potchen suggested the position by COIA be shared with faculty. A motion was passed to place the item on the Faculty Council agenda. Professor Morash noted it appears that COIA is asking faculty for a response to support and by placing on the Faculty Council agenda, the faculty could decide if they wished to support. Members decided it would be good to invite Professor Kasavana and Jim Pignataro, Director of Student Athletic Support Services, to respond at Faculty Council.

CSC 101:
Chris Kulesza, Chairperson Academic Assembly, requested that the course CSC 101 be sent to the UCSA. The course is required for many majors across the campus. You can take one of three tracks, and there has been much discussion about how to best integrate the course into a student’s major. A motion was proposed to send the CSC 101 to UCSA to review and provide recommendations on how to integrate the majors into the administration of the class. Questions were asked if there has been any discussion with the team that oversees the course and the response was no. Following discussion, it was decided this was not an issue for governance. The motion was withdrawn. Students were directed to discuss the issues with the team that oversees the course to work on a remedy.

Standing Committee Reports in Faculty and Academic Councils:
Professor Hughes noted previous discussions that it could be helpful and informative to have the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees give a status report to Faculty or Academic Council meetings. This would mean that at each Council meeting there would be one or two reports by the Chairpersons. There was some discussion about the order of the reports to be given. The Chairpersons can volunteer at the ECAC meeting for their report. Professor Chivukula, UCAP Chairperson, will report at the October Academic Council meeting. Professor Rosser, Chairperson of UCAG, will report at the November Faculty Council meeting. A motion was passed to place these reports on the respective agendas.

Academic Calendar year Review:
Professor Youatt raised a question asked by Provost Wilcox as to how governance will review the academic calendar and bring recommendations. Following some discussion it was recommended to set up a Task force to look more broadly in a review of the academic calendar year. The following motion was passed: Faculty Council directs ECAC to establish a broad base Task Force to conduct a thorough and comprehensive review of the Academic Calendar which includes representative from UCFA, UCAP, UCSA, UGC, Housing and Food Service, Registrar’s Office, Residence Life, Office of Cultural and Academic Transition, International Studies Program, Office of Planning and Budget, Women’s Advisory Council, ASMSU and COGS. ECAC is to develop the charge to the Task Force. A motion was passed to place this item on the Faculty Council agenda for action and to place on the Academic Council agenda as an information item.

Setting of Faculty Council Agenda for October 14, 2008:
The agenda for the Faculty Council meeting scheduled for October 14, 2008 is as follows:

  • Public Comments (2 minute time limit per speaker; 10 minutes total for comments)
  • Approval of Minutes for September 16, 2008 – Action
  • ECAC At-Large Replacement for Spring Semester- Action
  • UCC Comprehensive Proposal 4 & 5 - Action
  • Undergraduate Learning Assistant Policy – Action
  • Policy on the Integrity of Scholarships and Grades – Info
  • COIA’s Position on NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate – Info
  • Academic Calendar Review - Action
  • Other Business

A motion passed to approve the agenda.

Setting of Academic Council Agenda for October 21, 2008:
The agenda for the Academic Council meeting scheduled for October 21, 2008 is as follows:

  • Approval of minutes for September 23, 2008 – Action Item Curriculum Report – Action Undergraduate Learning Assistant Policy – Action UCC Comprehensive Proposal 4 & 5 – Action Policy on the Integrity of Scholarships and Grades – Info UCAP Standing Committee Report – Info Academic Calendar Review – Amended Motion - Action Other Business

A motion was passed to approve the agenda.

Other Business:
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, 


Jacqueline Wright
Secretary for Academic Governance

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 3:15pm
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