Committee Meetings Throughout Summer 2020

The Steering Committee (TSC), Faculty Senate (FS) and University Council (UC) met throughout the summer 2020, via Zoom.  TSC convened on June 9 and July 7. FS convened on June 23, July 21 and August 11. Univesity Council convened on July 21.

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May 10, 2005 - Special Meeting

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Approved 9-6-05



Special Meeting

May 10, 2005

Abeles, Harrow, Holmes-Rovner, Larabee, McCoy, Melnick, Morash, Nair, Newman, Schechter, Sticklen, Dick Weber; Others: Banks, Wright, Schepers

Absent: Ogundimu, Prasad, Dan Weber, Wei

Chairperson Sticklen began the meeting at 3:00 p.m. to begin discussion of the first item until all members arrived.  Professor Sticklen noted that some members could not attend until after 3:00 p.m. and some members had to leave at 4:00. 

Consideration of Resolution to President Simon to establish a working group to consider events following the UNC Basketball game:

Professor Nair discussed a proposal to request the President to identify a group to look into the events on campus and East Lansing community.  Professor Wright noted the news release that day announcing a joint task force of campus and community members to review the events.  Professor Nair felt strongly that the University should also have a group to review events.

Discussion to be continued later.

At this point, Professor Sticklen formally called the meeting to order with a full quorum being present.

The agenda was amended approving the motion to move the item regarding the Final Report of the Faculty Voice to the first item for discussion due to the time constraints.  The agenda was approved as amended.

Discussion on forming a subgroup of ECAC to consider the Final Report of Faculty Voice:

Professor Sticklen noted the reason for the follow up to the Final report of Faculty Voice is due to the fact that the Report came later in Spring semester than anticipated and that it is important to address what will happen to the Report in the Fall ECAC.  Professor Sticklen commented that the subgroup should be open to ECAC members but not defined as a subcommittee of ECAC.  Andy Schepers, ASMSU Chairperson, is willing to participate but is not a member of ECAC. 

A motion passed to form a working subgroup including members of ECAC but not restricted to ECAC members.  It was encouraged that all members of the Faculty Voice Committee be informed of the meetings this summer.

Develop a Charge to the Subgroup:

Professor Harrow cautioned that the draft circulated for discussion regarding a charge to a working subgroup appears to be allowing the subgroup to write another Faculty Voice report and the subgroup is not authorized to do this.  According to Professor Harrow the working subgroup needs to consider the Report, consider framing issues, consider directing the issues and recommendations to the appropriate governance body for discussion which in turn will then bring to the faculty as a whole.  Every part of governance that considers the recommendations in the Report, discusses and makes changes, would be considered healthy. Professor Harrow noted that the members of Faculty Voice did not envision the Report as final.  The Faculty Council and the Academic Senate are the two faculty bodies that have primary interest in this report.  Professor Sticklen pointed out that each of the six recommendations called for a task force to be established around a concept for each.  The Faculty Council should approve the concepts before task force groups are formed.  Professor Sticklen noted that the relationship between Academic Council and Faculty Council needs to be sorted out before this goes to faculty.   Professor Schechter noted ECAC is not the responsible body and should not be resolving this issue but he was bothered by the way the Report is written, skipping Academic Council.   Professor Harrow indicated the Faculty Voice Committee was aware of the issues and that they should be worked out but not by that committee.  Professor Weber noted that the students are affected by the recommendations and that this group should decide this summer on the process related to how the Report gets presented be it Faculty Council, Academic Council and or any other body.  It was noted that ECAC is a steering committee not policy making.  There was much discussion at this point.    

A substitute motion was passed to form a special working subgroup to develop a process plan to move the Faculty Voice Report toward a vote by Faculty Council and pending the outcome of the vote then moving it through governance.  The special subgroup will complete this planning by August 15, 2005. 

Continuation of the agenda item:

Consideration of Resolution to President Simon to Establish a Working Group to Consider Events Following the NCAA game with UNC:

Professor Nair repeated the following proposed motion: Be it resolved the ECAC recommends to President Simon that an MSU working group be organized to review the events following the NCAA loss of MSU to UNC, and to report to the MSU community their findings in a timely manner, and hopefully before August 15, 2005.  The motion was seconded. Professor Nair had received emails, etc. questioning whether the police action was a preemptive strike.  It was noted a community group was formed by the City of East Lansing representing city members, faculty and students to review the events.  There was opinion expressed that having a simultaneous campus group could appear to undermine the established City group. Following further discussion the question was called and failed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Jacqueline Wright
Secretary for Academic Governance

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005 - 3:00pm
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