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The Steering Committee (TSC), Faculty Senate (FS) and University Council (UC) met throughout the summer 2020, via Zoom.  TSC convened on June 9 and July 7. FS convened on June 23, July 21 and August 11. Univesity Council convened on July 21.

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November 9, 2004

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Approved 1-11-05



November 9, 2004

Present: Abeles, Harrow, Larabee, McCoy, Melnick, Morash, Nair, Newman, Ogundimu, Probst, Schechter, Sticklen, Weber, D., Weber, R.; Others: Banks, Canady, Harrison, Hudzik, Simon, Wright, Anderson (News Bulletin), McNulty (State News)

Absent: Prasad, Wei

Chairperson Sticklen called the meeting to order at 3:17 p.m. with a quorum being present.

The agenda was approved as distributed.

The minutes for October 12, 2004 were approved as distributed.

Provost’s Remarks:
The Provost reminded the members that she would be out of the country in China next week. This has been on the schedule for a long time. There has been some commentary from ASMSU on the Residential College Report and has responded back to ASMSU. There has also been a report from Residence Life regarding the Residential College academic impact on students. Professor Hudzik’s appointment as Acting Provost will be on the Board of Trustees agenda. The Provost invited Professor Hudzik to attend this ECAC meeting to gain an understanding of this committee.

Chairperson’s Remarks:
Professor Sticklen, Chairperson, thanked Professor Abeles for filling his seat at the Search Firm meeting. Professor Sticklen updated members on the Task Force reports and went through the process that will be followed in governance. Once the Task Force Reports are submitted to the Provost then the Provost will attach commentary which will be sent to ECAC for referral to the appropriate standing committees. The standing committees will send their commentary to ECAC for referral to Faculty and or Academic Councils for discussion. The Provost noted that last year some concern was raised in Faculty Council, one being the concern in the College Reorganization Committee discussions and the appropriate faculty voice. The other concern was the outcome of the recommendations that went forward. It is important to look at the process aspect.

College-Level Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Committees:
The Office of the Provost requested advice from the UCFT and UCFA on a proposed policy which entails required establishment of college-level reappointment, promotion and tenure committees. In addition to the proposed policy, a number of principles were proposed to guide the structure and deliberations of these committees. Following deliberation on the proposed policy, Professor Probst, Chairperson of UCFT and Professor Melnick, Chairperson of UCFA, both spoke to the proposed policy and principles, reporting approval by the two committees and recommending to ECAC that the proposed policy be referred to Faculty Council. A motion was passed to refer to Faculty Council.

Exploratory Report from the Department of Residence Life:
Professor Youatt, Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, reported on the annual exploratory study on the first year students in living and learning programs, completed by the Department of Residence Life. Professor Youatt noted the report was particularly relevant given the current discussion about expanding residential learning communities on campus. Following some discussion it was suggested that the report be placed on the UCAP website.

Final Report from the Committee on College Reorganization (CCR):
Professor Esquith, Chairperson of the CCR Task Force, commented on the final CCR Report dated November 8, 2004 (distributed to ECAC). As the faculty group worked over the seven months the attitude shifted from skepticism to pragmatism, looking at the problems the core colleges and liberal education face. They also began seeing reorganization as a catalyst and not the prime driver. The Committee recommendations are in the Executive Summary as well as a general list of the problems with reorganization. The Committee recommends adopting several measures included in Principles, Concrete Elements and Options. A number of suggestions were also discussed in terms of implementation. Professor Esquith requested that the CCR Report be placed first in line to present to Academic Council before the other initiative reports to be considered because there is reference to the importance of clarification of reorganization. The Provost noted her responsibility was to receive the Report and provide a response back with explicit considerations for recommendations. A motion passed to bring the Report and the Provost’s response to Academic Council November 23, 2004 for discussion.

Request to Change the Title of Director of Honors College to Dean of Honors College:
The Provost reported that the Honors College Advisory Committee requested that the Provost’s office consider a change in the title of Director of the Honors College to Dean of the Honors College. This proposal for the change was sent to UCAP for their review. The UCAP unanimously endorsed the request for the change. A motion passed recommending no further referral to governance.

Process for Scheduling Special Meetings of ECAC:
Professor Sticklen noted the absence in the Bylaws related to the procedures for calling for special meetings of ECAC. Professor Weber moved that special meetings for ECAC may be called by the Chairperson with notification of at least three business days prior to the meeting with agenda and materials for the remainder of this academic year. The motion was passed. This request was also sent to UCAG to amend the Bylaws.

Formalize Liaison Representative to Athletic Council:
Professor Sticklen requested that the liaison to the Athletic Council be formalized. A motion was passed that one member of UCAP serve as an ex officio member to Athletic Council and report to ECAC at least once a year. This motion will be referred to UCAG for a proposed amendment to the Bylaws.

Request for Advice on Further Consultation, if any, on Residential College Report:
The Provost requested advice from ECAC regarding further consultation, if any, on the Residential College Report. Following discussion a motion was passed to refer the Report to UGC, UCAP and UCSA for consultation and request a report to ECAC.

Use and Administration of the SCOT Instrument:
Professor Canady, member of UCAP for Professor Ogundimu, reported that the Committee affirms its approval of the SCOT to fulfill the original purpose as a channel for selected public information to assist students in course selection. UCAP calls on units using the SCOT form as an evaluation of instructional performance that the unit needs to be in compliance with academic policy approved by Academic Council, March, 1979.

Proposal for the Merger of the Department of Advertising and the Merchandising Management Program:
UCAP reviewed the proposal and voted unanimously to approve the merger. The UGC, as reported by Professor Morash, Chairperson approved the merger. A motion passed that no further advice was needed.

Draft NCAA Certification Self-Study Report:
UCAP reported on a discussion of the outline of the report and will examine the section on “Academic Integrity” with scrutiny at publication. UCSA had no report.

Setting of Faculty Council Agenda for November 16, 2004:
The agenda for Faculty Council for November 16, 2004 is as follows:

  • College-Level Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Committees – Action Item
  • Review of Faculty Input to the Committee on College Reorganization – Information Item

Setting of Academic Council Agenda for November 23, 2004:
The agenda for the Academic Council meeting on November 23, 2004 is as follows:

  • University Committee on Curriculum Report – Action Item
  • Report of the Task Force on New Residential College
  • Final Report from the Committee on College Reorganization – Information Item
  • Request to Forward AAUP Letter Concerning Faculty Participation to the Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Voice – Action Item
  • Request that Academic Council Forward to UCFA its Support for the AAUP Position on Copyright – Action Item
  • Request that ECAC Engage in Wider Consultation before Making Recommendations to the Academic Council– Action Item

Setting of Academic Senate Agenda for November 30, 2004:
A motion was passed to postpone the Academic Senate meeting for November 30, 2004 and to schedule for early Spring Semester, 2005.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Jacqueline Wright
Secretary for Academic Governance

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Tuesday, November 9, 2004 - 3:17pm
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