October 1, 2013

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Approved 11-5-13

October 1, 2013
Board Room, Administration Building

: President Simon, Acting Provost June Youatt, E. Bank, D. Banks, S. Carter, M. Chavez, D. Clemons, W. Donohue, S. Fletcher, E. Gardner, M. Goheen, J. Leacher, Michael Callahan (for L. McCabe), D. Moriarty, M. Noel, C. Taggart, J. Wright; Others: T. Curry, S. Lott, State News

Absent: W. Davidson, M. Sticklen

Professor Carter called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m. with a quorum being present.

The Agenda was approved as distributed.

The Minutes for September 10, 2013 were approved as distributed.

President’s Remarks:
President Simon noted that there was no resolution to the budget issues in Washington and it appears that it may be a longer deliberation than normal. The debt ceiling question, which would cause the Government to default on its bond, is a decision that comes around October 18, 2013. There is much speculation; the Higher Education Associations are meeting to consider ways through this time. If there are grants that are due, the dates are still in operable and if there are grants that are to be reviewed, they will not be reviewed at this time. Only those essential personnel are being paid by the Government. There is much discussion regarding many different scenarios and possibilities.

Acting Provost’s Remarks:
Acting Provost Youatt reported that the search for the ISP Dean is progressing well. There are four candidates that will be invited to campus mid-October and faculty will be invited to be part of the conversations with the candidates. A new Associate Provost for Academic Services was hired the end of August, replacing Professor Linda Stanford. Professor John Gaboury will begin full time in November.

The Steering Committee Chairperson’s Remarks:
Professor Carter reported that there have been two faculty forums on the Provost search, one on September 17 following the Faculty Senate meeting and one on September 20 at Wells Hall. The comments from the forums were shared with the Search Committee. Professor Carter announced that an electronic place will be created for faculty to offer questions they believe are important to be asked of each candidate. There will be more information shared at a later date.

Professor Carter announced that there will be a meeting with Acting Provost Youatt on October 8, 3:15 to 5:00 for College CAC Chairpersons and the Steering Committee to discuss Bolder by Design and the agenda for this year.

Following the discussion at the last Steering Committee regarding Social Media, an Ad Hoc Committee has been created. Professor Donohue, UCFA Chair, will head this Committee. Four additional faculty have agreed to join: Ron Fisher, Penny Gardner, Manuel Chavez and Liza Potts.

The charge to the Ad Hoc Committee is as follows:

The Ad Hoc Committee on Social Media, Pedagogy, Academic Rights and Responsibilities, is charged with gathering information, examining experiences at other universities, and presenting best practices as they relate to social media, teaching, and speech rights and responsibilities in the classroom. This committee will also make recommendations about how MSU might best utilize this information. The committee will present its results to the Steering Committee of the Faculty Senate in a brief report.

Professor Carter indicated that the Ad Hoc Committee likely will meet two or three times. It will present its results to the Steering Committee of the Academic Senate in a brief report at the beginning of Spring Semester 2014. The Steering Committee will then decide how best to respond to the Committee's recommendations.

Professor Carter reported on attending a meeting in Dallas last month as a member of the Steering Committee of COIA. The Coalition is looking to broaden faculty participation in student athletic academics and integrity. This discussion is ongoing with some progress being made.

Professor Carter also reported that Professors Davidson, Powell, Moriarty and several others have continued the Faculty Health Committee meetings to advance the plan for an on-site health clinic. Renee Rivard, HR Assistant Vice President, will present the new health care option at the October Faculty Senate meeting.

The Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) academic leaders will hold their annual meeting in Bloomington, Indiana October 17-19. Professors Carter and Sticklen will be the MSU representatives attending the meeting.

UCAG Motion on the Faculty Health Care Council:
Professor Chavez, UCAG Chairperson, presented a motion to amend the Bylaws, establishing a Health Care Council. UCAG requests the Steering Committee to consider the following motion to establish a Faculty Health Care Council. This proposed motion would be an amendment to the University Bylaws for Academic Governance. The Faculty Health Care Council would be added under Other University-level Committees as follows:

Section 5 – Other University-level Committees

5.3 Faculty Health Care Council

5.3.1. There shall be a Faculty Health Care Council to function as the faculty voice to Human Resources and University Administration on matters related to health care and health care benefits.

Professor Moriarty came to the UCAG meeting to speak about the work that has been done over the last years by Professors Davidson, Powell and others on the health care issues and the need to provide continuity on this work. Following discussion, the UCAG Committee felt that establishing the Health Care Council under Section 5, Other University-level Committees, was more appropriate than as an Advisory/Consultative Committee. The Committee needs additional input from the Steering Committee regarding composition, appointed by whom, two/three year terms, functions, etc. Professor Chavez noted the Health Care Council (HCC) would report to the Steering Committee. The issue was brought out that the UCFA deals with economic benefits per the Bylaws. President Simon supports the idea of a Council but it is important to be clear about the role of UCFA and think through the relationship of this advice by UCFA. Professor Moriarty explained that the Faculty Health Care Committee has reported and made recommendations to UCFA. Members agreed that the Council will work with UCFA and the Steering Committee. Currently the people on the Health Care Committee were all members while on UCFA and have stayed on to continue the work. There is agreement that this Council must have continuity and stability of membership. The President noted that the Council would want voice in planned design and capacity to comment on plan implementation. The Council would also like to have the capacity to work with HR and Administration on future health care trends that affect the quality of health care of faculty and academic staff.

Some of the functions would include that the Council would report through Steering Committee to Faculty Senate and consult with UCFA. When discussing the composition, it was suggested that the Council needs a set of people who through their engagement in Governance are actively involved in the health care discussions, representatives from the provider community, representatives that reflect the diversity of appointments/categories, health economist, practitioners. The important point regarding the composition is that they reflect the needed expertise. The Health Care Council would be a consumer driven group. Terms of office suggested included three year and four year terms. These suggestions will be taken back to UCAG for continued development.

NCAA Division 1 Redesign:
The NCAA is calling for Proposals for Division 1 Governance Redesign with a deadline of November 15, 2013. Professor Carter wanted to introduce the materials distributed. Faculty are reviewing the plan and will respond with ideas regarding the principles. Professor Carter noted we would be discussing in governance.

Functions of the Office of the Ombudsperson:
Professor Caldwell, MSU Ombudsperson, was given Voice. Professor Caldwell gave an informative presentation of the functions of the Office and his role as the Ombudsperson. Members asked a number of questions and expressed how valuable the information was to faculty. Professor Caldwell was invited to give a presentation to the University Council which he accepted.

Draft Agenda for Faculty Senate October 15, 2013:
The agenda for the Faculty Senate meeting scheduled for October 15, 2013 is as follows:

  • UCC Report
  • A New Health Care Plan Presentation
  • New Business

Draft Agenda for University Council October 22, 2013:
The agenda for the University Council Meeting scheduled for October 22, 2013 is as follows:

  • Presentation on the Functions of the Office of the Ombudsperson
  • New Business

New Business:

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,


Jacqueline Wright
Secretary for Academic Governance

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 3:15pm
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