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The Steering Committee (TSC), Faculty Senate (FS) and University Council (UC) met throughout the summer 2020, via Zoom.  TSC convened on June 9 and July 7. FS convened on June 23, July 21 and August 11. Univesity Council convened on July 21.

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September 14, 2004

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Approved 10-12-04



September 14, 2004

Present: President Designate Simon, Abeles, Harrow, Melnick, Nair, Newman, Ogundimu, Prasad, Schechter, Sticklen, Dick Weber, Dan Weber, Wei; Others: Banks, Harrison, Wright, Anderson (News Bulletin), McNulty (State News)

Absent: McCoy, Morash, Probst

Chairperson Sticklen called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m. with a quorum being present.

The agenda was amended changing items 7 and 9 to items 5 and 6 plus an additional item, Academic Governance website. The amended agenda was approved.

The minutes for August 17, 2004 and September 3, 2004 were approved as distributed.

Chairperson’s Remarks:
Professor Sticklen, Chairperson, thanked Vice Chairperson Abeles for conducting the meeting on September 3, 2004. The new representative from COGS, Na Wei, was introduced.

Provost’s Remarks:
The Provost presented a letter to the Chairperson acknowledging the endorsement of the procedures for the Search and Rating of a Provost and indicating support for the procedures. The Provost also acknowledged the receipt of the nominees selected by ECAC for the Search and Rating Committee for the Acting Provost. There will be five selected by President Designate Simon. The Provost also noted comments would be made regarding the sequence of reporting for the various task force groups and committees under item 10.

Amendments to the Code of Teaching Responsibility:
Professor Sticklen noted this item had been referred to UCAP, UGC and UCSA in the Spring and were to report to ECAC in the Fall. Professor Ogundimu, Chairperson of UCAP, reported that UCAP and UGC jointly proposed changes that addressed three specific items (See Memo of May 4, 2004 for detail):

  • Require a written and or electronic syllabus
  • More concise language with regard to distribution of Examinations
  • Clarification of language to have grades submitted in a timely manner

Both UCAP and UGC have endorsed the proposed policy for amendments to the Code of Teaching Responsibility. UCSA has not discussed the proposed Policy as amended. A motion was passed to table action until UCSA reports at ECAC’s October meeting.

Proper Disposition of Memo from College of Human Medicine Curriculum Committee re: Proposed Class Size Changes:
Professor Schechter, Chairperson of UCC, moved to refer this issue to UGC and UCAP. The motion was passed.

Proposal for the Organizational Realignment of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition:
Provost Simon reported that currently the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition is a jointly administered department between the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the College of Human Ecology. Historically this arrangement has been in practice for some time. A proposal has come from the relative individuals and has been reviewed by three College Advisory Councils, Human Ecology, Agriculture and Natural Science emanating in the Department shifting to a joint arrangement to include the College of Natural Science.

The question to ECAC is what if any University level governance bodies should discuss this proposal prior to any action on the proposal.

Professor Abbett, Acting Dean of Human Ecology, spoke to the proposal which has been on the table for over a year. When the discussion of restructuring the College of Human Ecology began, the proposal for realignment was revisited. There was a considerable interest of the faculty to develop stronger linkages with the Health Sciences, defined as the clinical areas of the Health Sciences and the basic sciences. This Department is very much a basic science department and a clinical department in that a clinical nutrition program is offered. Professor Abbett stressed that in terms of the future of the Department, it was important to continue the strong linkage with the College of Agriculture which has been successful in the past and to try to develop a better linkage with the Health Sciences. Currently the Health Sciences work jointly across the units within the Medical Schools, the various clinical units, the College of Natural Science and the Social Sciences. Professor Abbett and the faculty believe these linkages position the Department better for the future and the engagement of Health Sciences with the clinical nutrition program through developments in Human Medicine, Epidemiology and Population Medicine. The Provost underscored that the discussions regarding the change of alignment preceded the Visioning document.

Professor Sticklen reminded members that ECAC’s role is to refer the proposal to other governance bodies if indicated. The Advisory Councils of all the Colleges have endorsed the proposal. There was motion to send the proposal to UGC, UCAP and UCFA. There was some debate regarding referral to UCFA. Following discussion a motion to refer the proposal to:

a) UGC – Passed.
b) UCAP - Passed
c) UCFA - Failed

CIC Faculty Leadership Conference:
Professor Wright noted the CIC Faculty Leadership Conference will be held at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign on November 12-13, 2004. MSU has tried to send two representatives each year. The members supported J. Sticklen and J. Wright to attend.

Discussion re: Reports from Standing Committee Chairpersons to Academic Council and Faculty Council on Actions Taken Within Committees:
Professor Sticklen reported that beginning in October there will be two Standing Committee Chairpersons reporting (5 minutes) to either Faculty Council or Academic Council on a rotating basis, excluding UCC which reports at each Academic Council meeting. Professor Sticklen indicated the report should be brief and include the “hot button” issues.

Discussion of Timetable for Task Force Committees to Report to Academic Council:
The intent of the report is to provide opportunity for the various groups to report on the progress to date and provide time for discussion with Council members prior to the final report. Professor Sticklen indicated that the Residential College task force is ready to come to Council.

The Provost noted due to timeline, the Residential College report should be next. The Integrative Studies task force has two parts to their report, the recommendations regarding organizational changes and recommendations regarding requirement changes for Integrative studies. The Integrative Studies report on the organizational changes should be scheduled after Residential College. There was some discussion related to the timing of the first class of students in the new Residential College until the linkage with the Curriculum process is done.

The Provost noted the concerns voiced are legitimate and the question is how to have the conversations. The Residential College is different because in order to get started even in a preliminary stage there needs to be an endorsement in principle by the Board of Trustees.

It was decided that the Residential College should definitely be the next task force to report.

Conflicts of Interest Policy - follow up:
The Conflicts of Interest Policy was postponed in the last Faculty Council (April 20, 2004) of 2003-04. A motion was passed to refer the Conflicts of Interest Policy to UCFA for consideration of the discussion at the Faculty Council meeting of April 20, 2004 and return to Faculty Council this year.

Setting of a Special Meeting of the Academic Council Agenda for September 21, 2004:
Given the timeline, a motion passed to have a special Academic Council meeting on September 21, 2004 before the Faculty Council meeting.
The agenda for the Academic Council meeting for September 21, 2004 is as follows:

  • Athletic Council Annual Report for 2003-04 – Information Item
  • New Residential College Program Planning Committee Presentation – Information Item

Setting of Faculty Council Agenda for September 21, 2004:
The Faculty Council will immediately follow the Special Academic Council meeting. The agenda for Faculty Council is as follows:

  • Faculty Voice Committee – Information Item
  • Faculty Conflicts of Interest Policy – Information Item

Setting of Academic Council Agenda for September 28, 2004:
The agenda for Academic Council is as follows:

  • Writing Task Force Committee – Information Item
  • Approval of UCC Report for April 20, 2004 – Ratification of Action by ECAC on April 20, 2004 – Information Item
  • University Committee on Curriculum Report – Action Item
  • Report on Review of Ombudsman – Information Item

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Jacqueline Wright
Secretary for Academic Governance

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004 - 3:15pm
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