September 7, 2010

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Approved 10-5-10

September 7, 2010
Board Room, Administration Building

Present: J. Smith (for G. Bice), S. Carter, J. Epstein, J. Funk, M. Kaplowitz, D. Moriarty, C. Parker, J. Powell, P. Rogers, M. Sticklen, J. Wright, J. Youatt; Others: T. Curry, F. Fico, D. Gift, J. Hillard, M. Kasavana, L. McKown (State News), S. Lott

Absent: S. Fletcher, R. Maleczka, K. Wilcox

Professor Powell called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m. with a quorum being present.

The agenda was amended and approved as distributed.

The minutes for April 6, 2010 were approved as submitted.

Presidents Remarks:
The President thanked the members in advance for the work to be done this year. The agenda is full and some of the issues are those that naturally arise as we move through the various decisions that have been made and there are implementation decisions. Other issues are those that need further follow through like health care, post retirement decisions that will need work.

President Simon identified two or three things that are bigger macro issues. The first is that the first part of this semester will be used to think through what the natural transition is from Shaping the Future to the next stage of how one frames the strategic directions of the University. If you look at Boldness By Design, some of the implementation strategies were in Shaping the Future but other things came because of the budget necessity. We need to step back and think through what is the best direction in prioritizing for the University. The Provost Memo on curriculum got little attention but it is critical to look at.

Another issue to be dealt with is the NCR and the discussions by the Colleges. COGS has done a survey of graduate students and if you look at the implementation issues regarding Shaping the Future, graduate education did not have the voice needed in that process. The decisions about graduate programs were all made at the Unit level and isolated. It is important during the course of this year to think through the questions of graduate education and how the University wants to position itself in moving forward.

Another area in the mixture of implementation and forward looking is the need to look at the interface between Academic and Student Affairs. Some is in the neighborhoods and in the engagement centers where the two areas come together. There is much to be looked at and reviewed with focused discussions.

President Simon reported during the Summer that Vice-President Dembow will be retiring and will teach during Fall Semester in addition to continuing representation in Washington for the University. The President will continue working with the External Advisory group on how best to rethink that position. The question has been raised as to how to continue to align resources to increase retention rates. Another issue that received coverage over the Summer was the gap in graduation rates in students of color and white students. Over the period of time of the study, both the graduation rates of students of color and white students have risen. MSU’s graduation rate for students of color is above all of the exemplars that were written about in the study, however this does not deal with the gap. There are a set of factors that are affecting our students such as organizational issues, economic issues, philosophical issues etc. The budget discussions at the Capitol are within the parameters the University assumed for the budget. Much depends on how the next Governor prioritizes higher education.

President Simon also commented on the Neighborhoods. The theory of the Neighborhoods is that it would be available for all freshmen. The idea is that everyone can belong to a neighborhood where resources are available. Students would continue to be part of that neighborhood even after leaving the residence hall so this becomes an anchor of support for the students.

Provost’s Remarks:
Provost Wilcox was not able to attend due to a conflict. Associate Provost Youatt welcomed everyone and noted that members were welcome to get coffee, tea, and water down the hall when at the meetings.

ECAC Chairperson’s Remarks:
Professor Powell introduced Professor Smith taking Professor Bice’s seat today. Professor Powell noted that ECAC’s mission is to evaluate issues brought to the committee and provide direction and referral to appropriate committees. Members are not to debate the pros and cons of issues but rather understand and refer. Professor Powell asked the committee chairpersons to identify 2 to 3 areas to be addressed by their committee this semester and post on the committee’s website.

Athletic Council Annual Report 2009-10:
A motion was passed to give Professor Kasavana voice. Professor Kasavana presented a brief overview of the Athletic Council Annual Report to be presented at Academic Council.

Proposed Institutional Data Policy (IDP):
A motion was passed to give voice to Professor Gift. Professor Gift presented an overview of the Policy. He noted that the Policy is an umbrella policy intended to help to better manage by education and awareness. Over the past ten years more and more types of data have been, through legislative rules, added to the categories of protected data. The purpose of this Policy is to establish minimum requirements for the appropriate stewardship of Institutional Data. In reviewing the CIC Institutions, seven out of ten had similar policies, such as the one proposed. This policy does not apply to faculty research or student work. Following a brief discussion a motion was passed to refer the proposed policy to UCFA, UCAP and UGC asking the committees to report back to ECAC by November.

Issue of First Amendment Speech at MSU:
A motion was passed to give Professor Fico voice. Professor Fico presented a summary of the issue he and Professor Boaster was bringing to ECAC. They requested that ECAC consider this matter and decide the following: 1) That the Office for Inclusion violated faculty free speech rights by investigating a faculty advisor for the reasons the Office of Inclusion stated and 2) That appropriate remedies must be instituted to make sure an abuse of free speech rights does not happen again. A member noted that it appears the Office of Inclusion has an obligation to investigate any complaint that comes to their office. Perhaps the question is whether that is an appropriate policy. A question was raised as to what is the oversight of the Office of Inclusion or any office similar? Following considerable discussion a motion was passed to draft a letter to the President regarding this matter.

Proposed Motion by Professor Perlstadt:
Professor Powell presented the email received from Professor Perlstadt proposing a motion to rescind the motion from Professor Hill passed by Faculty Council at the last meeting in April, 2010. Following discussion, Professor Smith from UCAP was asked to contact Professor Perlstadt to see if he was in agreement to move to just rescind The Hill motion without any further steps as UCAP is working on the whole issue of SIRS. A motion was passed to send the motion to rescind to Faculty Council.

Health Care Update:
Professor Moriarty gave an update on the progress of the Health Care Committee and reviewed the Prospectus developed at the end of April. Consultants will be meeting with the Health Care Committee scheduled for September 17, 2010. Preliminary data is coming in on the Generic Prescribing program and will be reported.

CIC Faculty Leadership Conference:
Secretary Wright announced that the C IC Faculty Leadership Conference will be held this year at the University of Wisconsin - Madison on October 22 & 23. Professor Powell will be attending and perhaps another ECAC member.

Mandatory Student Health Insurance:
Professor Hillard, Associate Provost for Human Health Affairs, was given voice. Professor Hillard presented a proposal for mandatory health insurance for all incoming students for the Fall Semester of 2011 and for all MSU students for the Fall Semester of 2012. He provided the rationale to support the proposal and asked that it be taken through governance. A motion was passed to refer the proposal to UCSA and UGC. The committees are to report back to ECAC as soon as possible.

Administrative Realignment of Shared Basic Science Departments:
Professor Hillard, Associate Provost for Human Health Affairs, presented a proposal for the shared Basic Biomedical Science Departments. The rationale for the proposal is based on the fact that the current structure for administering the departments of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology is insufficient and has limited these departments from achieving their full potential. After some discussion a motion was passed to refer the proposal to UCFA, UGC, UCAP, UCFT and UCSA. The committees are to report back to ECAC in January, 2011.

Proposal for Establishment of New Academic Departments in CHM – Follow-up from UGC & UCFA:
The Proposal for Establishment of New Departments in CHM was referred to UGC and UCFA last February. The committees will report back to ECAC in October.

Professor Powell reported on an email related to use of laptops in the classroom. A faculty member was asking whether we might develop a policy regarding use of the laptops. His concern related to the recording capacity of laptops and other handheld devices and what would keep a student from posting class activities on the internet. He felt this could have a stifling effect on class discussion. Members felt there was no need for a potential policy and that the Professor has the right of the classroom.

Draft Agenda for Faculty Council for September 14, 2010:
The agenda for the Faculty Council meeting scheduled for September 14, 2010 is as follows:

  • Approval of agenda
  • Public Comments
  • Update on Health Care
  • Other Business

Draft Agenda for Academic Council for September 21, 2010:
The agenda for the Academic Council meeting scheduled for September 21, 2010 is as follows:

  • Approval of agenda
  • Public Comments
  • Athletic Council Annual Report
  • University Committee on Curriculum Report – Action
  • Other Business

Other Business:
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Jacqueline Wright
Secretary for Academic Governance

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 3:15pm
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