September 8, 2009

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Approved 10-6-09

September 8, 2009
Board Room, Administration Building

Present: Provost Wilcox, M. Crimp, D. Lappe (for K. Currier), L. Good, H. Hughes, S. Kendall, R. Maleczka, D. Moriarty, R. Naegele, E. Outslay, J. Powell, P. Rogers, M. Sticklen, J. Wright, J. Youatt; Others: T. Curry, S. Johnson, M. Kasavana, C. Kulesza, State News - H. Guenther

Absent: J. Lippi, S. Nicely

Professor Hughes called the meeting to order at 3:18 p.m. with a quorum being present.

The Agenda was approved as distributed.

The Minutes for April 28, 2009 were approved as distributed.

Provost’s Remarks:
Provost Wilcox gave an update in terms of the University’s status. He encouraged members to go to the Provost's web site under 'Shaping the Future' for the latest information on the budget. The web site has several pieces and one is Communications to the Campus, which includes a number of Memos from the Provost. One of the memos is to the Deans of the Colleges which asks the Deans to lead a set of discussions in their College about the future of the College. This is based on the premise that the University will face a 10% budget cut, 4% currently being implemented with another 6% next year. The predictions for additional cuts are not clear but it is anticipated that it will be somewhere between 15 to 20%. The Provost noted that budgets could be cut by 15 to 20% by just taking away money but we would be a lesser University. The Provost would rather stop and consider seriously what activities we can maintain in the future, what administrative structures we want to maintain, and types of academic programs to be offered. The charge to the Deans is to spend the next 6 weeks, from now until October 16, to have discussions within their Colleges, recognizing every College is different and each College should have their own discussions. Provost Wilcox noted that 6 weeks was a relatively short timeline but believes much can be done. This will provide Governance and the rest of the campus ample time through the rest of this semester and Spring Semester to act on the recommendations. The Memorandum to the Deans asks for recommendations to be sent to him.

The Provost also reported on a memo sent by himself, Fred Poston, Lee June to June Youatt, M. Gore and Denise Maybanks charging that group to begin discussions about student support programs on campus. The University has been fortunate to have had an integrated system for academic and student affairs support and residence life support programs. The programs have been evaluated over the past year and a half with consultants, campus discussions and task force groups. The bottom line from these discussions is the University has a great system but it is too large, cumbersome and too disconnected. This is an opportunity to stop and make better sense of our support programs for students.

A third memo sent by the Provost to Randy Hillard, Associate Provost for Health Affairs, requesting him to have discussions with key members of the campus on the best way to provide health services to students. Olin Health Center has evolved over the decades as the medical environment has changed. Parallel with changes in Olin is the campus Health Team and their practice. The discussions will address the advantages of the merging of the Health Center and the Health Team. The Provost also asked to look at the compensation plans for the medical faculty.

Another memo was sent by the Provost to the academic community suggesting that as part of the College discussions to have Departments look at the degree requirements. If you look at the composite of the Undergraduate degree programs, there is a tendency to have many requirements. The Provost indicated he was willing to consider a change in policy at the University from Junior entry to Sophomore entry into the major if the experience can be improved.

Another memo went to Support Units on campus, which is everything from Libraries to Physical Pants and Grounds, requesting them to complete an analysis on work activities. This set of analysis will be reviewed to start to make decisions on what needs to be maintained and in what format.

The Provost noted he wanted to go through the list of activities to give the sense of the magnitude of the issues being addressed and the importance. Provost Wilcox encouraged members to read the series of memos. The intent of the activities is not to do this in a simple way but rather the most appropriate way trying to include as many voices as possible in this process.

ECAC Chairperson’s Remarks:
Professor Hughes asked members to introduce themselves indicating the body they represented. There were no further comments at this time.

Athletic Council Annual Report 2008-09:
Professor Kasavana, Chairperson of the Athletic Council, presented the Athletic Council Annual Report for 2008-2009. A motion was passed to place on the Academic Council agenda for September 22, 2009.

ECAC At-Large Member Resignation and Replacement:
Professor Wright received the notice of the resignation of Professor Sheila Teahan as an At-Large ECAC member this summer. Professor Teahan is unable to complete her term of office on ECAC which ends August 15, 2010. In accordance with the Bylaws for Academic Governance, the UCAG met on September 3, 2009 and has nominated Richard Weber to replace Professor Teahan. A motion was made to place on the Faculty Council agenda for September 15, 2009.

Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws – Current Status:
Professor Wright reported the Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws were reviewed and edits were made with Professor Rosser during the Summer. Professor Banks met with Rosser and Wright and discussed his review of the proposed Amendments. Professor Kendall, Chairperson of UCAG, noted that Professor Banks would present his review of the Amendments at the first Faculty Council meeting. A motion was passed to place this item on the Faculty Council meeting September 15, 2009.

Follow-Up re Faculty Council Planning Session, 8/25/09:
Professor Hughes noted the materials from the Faculty Council Planning meeting held on August 25 have been included in the agenda materials. The materials include the small group discussion points and the final prioritization. The ECAC will include the topics when formulating the Faculty/Academic Council agendas this year.

Required Student Numbers for Course Sections:
Professor Hughes shared a concern received from a faculty member regarding adherence to minimum student numbers per course section and problems that have arisen. The faculty member requested governance to address this issue. The Provost will address this issue and bring information back to ECAC next meeting.

Health Care Task Force Update – Generic Drug Program:
Professor Powell is a member of the Health Care Task Force and presented an update on their discussions. He discussed the current discussions on the modification on the prescription drug program. He also shared some of the options being discussed in terms of health care providers, however these ideas are preliminary. The major issue is the Generic Prescribing Program. Professor Moriarty, Chairperson of UCFA, noted UCFA is preparing a memorandum on the Generic Prescribing Program to be sent to all faculty and that this should be on the Faculty Council Agenda.

Proposed Policy on Student Religious Observance – Update:
Professor Crimp, Chairperson of UCAP, reported that UCAP approved the Proposed Policy on Student Religious Observance on April 2, 2009 which was then sent to the Provost. The Provost noted some questions regarding the proposed policy and will report back to ECAC at the next meeting.

ASMSU Readership Program:
Dillion Lappe, External Vice-Chairperson of Academic Assembly, presented information on the ASMSU Readership Program for the 2009-2010 school year and requested this be placed on the Faculty and Academic Council agenda. A motion passed to place this item on the agendas.

Draft Agenda for Faculty Council for September 15, 2009:
The agenda for the Faculty Council meeting scheduled for September 15, 2009 is as follows:

  • Public Comments (2 minute time limit per speaker; 10 minutes total for comments)
  • Approval of Minutes for April 14, 2009 – Action
  • ECAC At-Large Member Resignation & Replacement
  • Follow-Up re Faculty Council Planning Session on August 25, 2009
  • Generic Prescribing Program
  • Proposed Amendments to Bylaws
  • ASMSU Readership
  • Other Business

A motion passed to approve the agenda.

Draft Agenda for Academic Council for September 22, 2009:
The agenda for the Academic Council meeting scheduled for September 22, 2009 is as follows:

  • Approval of Minutes for April 21, 2009 – Action Item
  • Provost – Budget Update
  • Athletic Council Annual Report
  • Curriculum Report – Action
  • ASMSU Readership Program
  • Generic Prescribing Drug
  • Other Business

There was discussion regarding sending an email to all faculty to submit questions on the Budget to be answered at the Academic Council meeting. This was approved. In addition to the Budget Update a question/answer session was added.

A motion was passed to approve the agenda.

Other Business:
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Jacqueline Wright
Secretary for Academic Governance

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009 - 3:18pm
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