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Steering Committee Historical Meeting Documents


Agenda PDF and Word 

Attachment A: Standing Committee and Student Government Reports PDF and Word

Attachment B: Undergraduate Certificates PDF and Word

Attachment C: Religious Observance Policy Cover Memo PDF and Word

Attachment D: Proposed Revised Religious Observance Policy PDF and Word 

Attachment E: Updates to Religious Observance Policy PDF and Word 

Attachment F: Copy of Calendar with Holidays 2022-2023 PDF and Excel 

Attachment FS-D: Awarding of Emeritum Status - PDF and Word 

Attachment FS-E: Statement of Rationale for Emeritus Policy Changes PDF and Word 

Attachment FS-F: Crosswalk of Proposed Changes Emeritus-Emeritum Policy PDF and Word 

Attachment FS-G: Open Access Resolution PDF and Word 

Minutes - PDF and Word  

Agenda - PDF and Word

Attachment A: Standing Committee and Student Government Reports - PDF and Word 

Minutes - PDF and Word 

Agenda -  PDF and Word

Attachment A: UCUE Report to Steering - PDF and Word 

Attachment B: UCFT Report to Steering - PDF and Word

Attachment C: Providing a Safe Environment UCFA to Steering - PDF and Word

Attachment D: UCUE Feedback on Proposed Religious Observance Policy - PDF and Word

Attachment E: MSU Policy Meeting Draft - PDF and Word 

Attachment F: MSU Policy Template Draft - PDF and Word

Attachment G: MSU University Policy Submission Form - PDF and Word 

Attachment H: University Policy Communication Plan - PDF and Word 

Minutes - PDF and Word 

Agenda: PDF and Word

Attachment A: Reports - PDF and Word

Attachment B: Engineering College Advisory Council Letter to Faculty Senate - PDF and Word

Attachment C: ECAC Literature Review on Subjective RPT Criteria - PDF and Word

Attachment D: Letter from Dissenting College of Engineering Faculty - PDF and Word

Attachment E: ECAC Chairperson Worden Notes following Meeting with Provost Woodruff - PDF and Word

Attachment F: Annual RPT Process Updates from Provost Woodruff - PDF and Word

Attachment G: Undergraduate Certificates Proposal - PDF and Word

Attachment H: UCUE Report on Required DEI Course - PDF and Word

Attachment I: UCUE/UCGS Report on Adequacy of Procedures for Challenging Grades - PDF and Word

Attachment J: Bylaws regarding Calling the Academic Congress - PDF and Word

Attachment K: Faculty Senate Resolution on Compensation and Benefits - PDF and Word

Tentative Faculty Senate Attachment A: University Committee on Curriculum Report (Short) - PDF and Word

Tentative Faculty Senate Attachment B: University Committee on Curriculum Report (Long) - PDF and Word

Tentative University Council Attachment A: Proposed Code of Academic Advising Responsibility - PDF and Word


Minutes - PDF and Word 

Transcript - PDF and Word


Agenda - PDF and Word

Attachment A - Committee Reports -PDF

Attachment B - Discipline Process and Sanction Review Task Force Recommendations - PDF

Attachment C - Religious Observance Policy Revisions - PDF

Attachment D - ASMSU Bill 56-43 re Excused Absences Pre-Thanksgiving - PDF

Attachment E - UCUE Referral re Use of Image for Minor - PDF

Tentative Faculty Senate Attachment C - Resolution to Support Undocumented Students - PDF

Tentative University Council Attachment A - Resolution re Investment Taskforce - PDF



Minutes   -  PDF  and  Word

A transcript of this meeting is forthcoming. 


Agenda - PDF and Word

Attachment A: Committee Reports - PDF and Word

Attachment B: Guidance on COVID-19 Grading Challenges
- PDF and Word

Tentative Faculty Senate Attachment C: Resolution re: COVID-19 Finances - PDF and Word

Minutes -  PDF and Word

A Transcript of this meeting is forthcoming. 


Agenda - PDF and Word

Attachment A: Proposed Steering Report Template - PDF and Word

Attachment B: Regular Faculty Terminology - PDF and Word

Attachment C: Policy on "Procedures for Faculty and Student Participation in the Selection of Specified University Level Administrators"
- PDF and Word

Attachment D: Proposed Committee to Develop Principles
- PDF and Word

Attachment E: Faculty Concerns re: Implementation of COVID-19 Requirements
- PDF and Word

Attachment F: Chairperson and Vice Chairperson Election Process
- PDF and Word


Minutes- PDF and Word

Other Steering Committee documents can be found HERE