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Academic Governance Items for 2017-2018 Date Introduced to The Steering Committee Current Standing End Result
Academic Governance Overview   Dr. Gary Hoppenstand, Secretary for Academic Governance, presented an Overview of Academic Governance to UC on 10-17-17. Faculty Input link (click on link) updated to include Student Input. More info after minutes are compiled.
Academic Specialists October 4, 2016 Referred to UCFA.  
Behavioral Threat Assessment Team Report November 7, 2016 Amy Ray, Detective, Investigative Division, MSU Police Dept. will present the Report to University Council on 11-28-17.  
Big Ten Alliance Academic Governance Meeting Report November 7, 2017 Dr. Laura McCabe, TSC and FS Chairperson, will present the Report to Faculty Senate.  
Big Ten Voting Challenges   Lorenzo Santavicca, ASMSU President and UCSA Chairperson presented Big Ten Voting Challenges to FS on 10-17-17. More info after minutes are compiled. 
(click on link for video)
Course Scheduling, Future Plans October 3, 2017 R. Sekhar Chivukula, Dean of Undergraduate Education, is scheduled to present to UC on 11-28-17.  
Faculty Diversity Pending for January. Pending for Dr. Terry Curry, Associate Provost & Associate VP for Academic Human Resources, to introduce to TSC and move to FS in January 2018.  
Faculty Senate Input Results October 3, 2017 Presented to FS on 10-10-17 by Dr. Laura McCabe, TSC Chairperson. Presentation can be viewed on AG website.
Health Care Plan Design September 5, 2017 Presented to FS on 9-12-17 by Renee Rivard, Director of Human Resources and Joe Galardi, Assistant Direcor of Human Resources. Presentation can be viewed on AG website.
Mental Health and Support at MSU November 7, 2017 A Panel discussion including Barbara L. Roberts, MSc OT, PhD, Executive Director, Worklife Office, Jon Novello, LMSW, ACSW, Counselor, Employee Assistance Program, and Leigh White, MD, Director of Psychiatric Services, Counseling & Psychiatric Services, is scheduled for FS on November 14, 2017.  
Mid-Semester Feedback September 5, 2017 On 9-5-17 TSC approved to move to UCUE, UCGS and UCFA and return to TSC 10-03-17.  At TSC on 10-3-17 L. Santavicca announced he sent out a corrected copy.  This item is scheduled to come back to TSC on 11-7-17.  This was not on the 11-7-17 agenda and is currently pending.  
Mobility Project  

Dr. Wolfgang Bauer, University Distinguished Professor and Senior Consultant, Office of the Executive Vice President for Administrative Services, presented on Energy/Mobility to UC on 10-17-17.

Presentation can be viewed on AG website.

Ombudsperson Search October 3, 2017 TSC adopted and accepted the Search Procedure document presented by Dr. Terry Curry, Associate Provost and Associate VP for Academic Human Resources. The Ombudsperson Search will proceed.  
Proposed East Lansing Income Tax and How Faculty can Respond September 5, 2017 Presented to University Council on 9-19-17, by Mark Burnham, Vice President of Governmental Affairs and Janet Lillie, Assistant VP of Governmental Affairs. Presentation can be viewed on AG website.
Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Requirement October 3, 2017 Referred to UCGS.  
Relationship, Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy (RVSM) Revisions and Annual Report October 3, 2017 Jessica Norris, Title IX and ADA Compliance Director, presented a full presentation to FS on 10-10-17. Annual Report 
Student Instructional Rating System (SIRS) September 5, 2017 On 10-3-17 TSC approved an ad hoc committee and recommends inclusion of other key stakeholders such as representation from ASMSU, COGS, UCSA, and resource representatives from MSU IT Services and Academic Advancement Network. Two representatives from UCFA, UCUE, UCGS, ASMSU and COGS were selected.   
General Student Regulation November 7, 2017 Lorenzo Santavicca, ASMSU President will present the General Student Regulation to UC on November 28, 2017, for vote and then to President Simon for her approval.  
University Committee on Curriculum Reports  

September 2017 Report presented and approved at FS on 9-12-17 and presented to UC as an info item on 9-12-17.

October 2017 Report presented and approved at FS on 10-10-17 and presented to UC as an info item on 10-17-17.

September 12, 2017
Long Report
Short Report

October 10, 2017
Long Report
  Short Report


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