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Please Note:  More updates for October meetings will be provided Mid-end of October, 2018. Thank you for your patience.

Academic Governance Items for 2017-2018   Date Introduced to The Steering Committee Current Standing End Result
Academic Governance Overview     Dr. Gary Hoppenstand, Secretary for Academic Governance, presented an Overview of Academic Governance to UC on 10-17-17. Faculty Input link (click on link) updated to include Student Input. Academic Governance Website (click on link)
Academic Specialists   October 4, 2016 TSC Referred to UCAG and at the UCAG 10-13-16 meeting it was referred to UCFA to define which Academic Specialist should have a role in AG.  Referred back to UCAG, and Nicolas Gisholt (AS Representative) provided a presentation at UCAG 1-18-18.  At TSC on 2-20-18 Chairperson Gayle Lourens reported that UCAG would revisit the language of the Bylaws amendment and return them at a later time for approval. At TSC on 4-3-18, TSC approved UCAG's recommendation for Academic Specialists to have  voting rights.  UC on 4-24-18 approved the Bylaw recommendation to recognize Academic Speicalists as faculty in the University Bylaws with voting privileges giving them opportunity to serve on Univesity committees.  The BOT approved this at their 6-22-18 BOT meeting. The election process was introduced to UC on 9/18/18 and UC approved to have FRIB and Academic Specialists to develop their own bylaws language for elections. Dr. Gary Hoppenstand to send information to the Academic Specialists Advisory Committee and contact Thomas Glasmacher. More detailed info after UC Sept minutes are approved. Bylaw Recommendations (click on link).  Bylaw Recommendations approved by BOT.  The Bylaws are updated and can be viewed on the AG websitge. 
Ad Hoc Committee to Review Bylaws for AG and Recommendations to BOT Bylaws    April  3, 2018 On March 20, 2018 FS approved the formation of an Ad Hoc Committee that has the flexibility to address both the Univfersity and the BOT Bylaws. Gayle Lourens, UCAG Chairperson, presented a potential committee member list at TSC on April 4, 2018 and a brief vetting process has been conducted as to who could serve.  The Ad Hoc Committee met through the summer of 2018 and the outcome of those meetings and documents are currently being discussed in UCAG meetings 2018-2019.  
Behavioral Threat Assessment Team Report   November 7, 2016 Amy Ray, Detective, Investigative Division, MSU Police Dept. presented the Behavioral Threat Assessment Team (BTAT) Report to UC on 11-28-17.  THe BTAT exists to mitigate the risk of threat or violence, and to provide a safe and productive learning and working environment at MSU. See UC 11-28-17 Minutes (click on link)
Big Ten Alliance Academic Governance Meeting Report   November 7, 2017 Dr. Laura McCabe, TSC and FS Chairperson, presented the BTAA report to FS on 11-14-17. See FS 11-14-17 Minutes (click on link)
Big Ten Voting Challenges     Lorenzo Santavicca, ASMSU President and UCSA Chairperson presented Big Ten Voting Challenges to FS on 10-17-17. 
(click on link for video)
Efforts are underway to create a MSU specific video that would encourage students to vote.
BOT Vote of No Confidence and Next Steps     At the Emergency meeting of FS on 2-13-18, FS voted a No Confidence Vote. The vote was 94% "yes" (61) votes for  no confidence in the MSU BOT, and 4% "no" (4 votes) against the vote of no confidence.  At the FS meeting on 2-20-18 three votes were taken: #1 Vote to have a vote for BOT resignation - 85% in attendance voted Yes; Vote #2 Vote to ask BOT to resign - 83% in attendance voted Yes; Vote #3 Vote on if there is only one specific reason for the BOT resignation - 77% in attendance voted No.   An email to Faculty Senate from the At-Large members was sent on 2-27-18 (click on link to view). An email to the BOT from the At-Large Steering Committee members was sent on 2-27-18 (Click on link to view).  An open letter to the MSU Faculty from Lisa Lapidus, a member of the FS and College of Nat Sci was sent on 2-14-18 (click on link to view). An email from the At-Large members with the Faculty Senate minutes of 2-13-18 (click on link to view) was sent to the BOT on 3-23-18.  
BOT and the Michigan Constitution   September 4, 2018 Presented to TSC on 9-4-18 and FS on 9-11-18, by Dr. Rob LaDuca, TSC Chairperson.  See TSC and FS minutes links to the right. Discussion can be viewed in TSC 9-4-18 approved minutes (click on link) and FS 9-11-18 (click on link)
BOT Member Attendence at FS   September 4, 2018 Trustee Foster and others will attend FS on 9-11-18to address transparency concerns regarding the Presidential Search process. Mary Finn, Director, Criminal Justice, Trustee Dianne Byrum and Trustee Melanie Foster presided at FS on 9-11-18 and UC on 9-18-18 to answer questions.  See minutes link to the right for details of this discussion. FS 9-11-18 approved minutes (click on link)
UC 9-18-18 (click on link) will be linked when minutes are approved
Bylaw Amendments Formation   March 13, 2018 UCAG Chairperson Gayle Lourens reported UCAG has approved an ad hoc committee to work in the summer on recommending BOT Bylaw changes and work on Academic Governance Bylaws review amendments. A motion was made and carried to support an ad hoc committee. Proposed Bylaw Amendments were presented to UC on April 24, 2017 and approved to go to BOT in June for approval.  Amendments were sent to the Provost's office on 5-22-18 for the BOT in June.  Proposed Bylaw Amendments (click on link) Proposed Bylaw Amendments Final Copy (click on link) approved at UC on 4-24-18 for BOT to approved in June, 2018.
Classroom Safety   April 3, 2018 Classroom safety was discussed at TSC on 4-3-18.You can contact Kelly Roudebush, Deputy Chief, Field Services Bureau, for any questions, concerns or ideas:  517-432-3888, 1120 Red Cedar Rd, East Lansing, MI 48824, and/or you can connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @msupolice.  
Course Scheduling, Future Plans   October 3, 2017 R. Sekhar Chivukula, Dean of Undergraduate Education, presented the Course Scheduling, Future Plans to UC on 11-28-17. Course Scheduling, Future Plans (click on links)
Faculty Diversity   January 9. 2018 Dr. Terry Curry, Associate Provost & Associate VP for Academic Human Resources, presented this to FS on 1-16-18. 2018 Faculty Trends Update
Historical Summary
(click on links)
Faculty Grievance Office (FGO) Name Change   January 9, 2018 FS approved the FGO Name Change on 1-16-18. The Faculty Grivance Office is now the Faculty Grievance and Dispute Resolution Office (Name Change Memo) (click on link)
Faculty Senate Input Results   October 3, 2017 Presented to FS on 10-10-17 by Dr. Laura McCabe, TSC Chairperson. Faculty Senate Input Results (click on link)
Freedom of Speech   January 9, 2018 Presented to TSC on 1-9-18 by Michael Lawrence, Professor of Law, Foster Swift Professor of Constitutional Law, MSU.  TSC approved this to be presented to UC on 1-23-18.  See UC 1-23018 Minutes (click on link)

Health Care Plan Design

  September 5, 2017 Presented to FS on 9-12-17 by Renee Rivard, Director of Human Resources and Joe Galardi, Assistant Direcor of Human Resources. Health Care Plan Design (click on link)

Health Care Benefits

  April 3, 2018 Vice Chairperson Deborah Moriarty spoke in Renee Rivard's absence re updated benefits at TSC on 4-3-18.  Renee Rivard, Director, HR, presented the updated benefits to FS on 4-17-18.  These benefits included specialty medications, a Reduced Copay Program, a Diabetes Management Pprogram and Telemedicine, which involves medical advice via telephone with a Board-Certifice physician, all voluntary.  

IT Centralization

  September 4, 2018 IT Centralization was introduced to TSC on 9-4-18 by Rob LaDuca.  It was presented to FS on 9-11-18 and UC on 9/18/18 by Rob McCurdy, Assoc VP, Technology Services and Chief Information Officer. The IT Centralization presentation can be viwed on the Academic Governnace website or by clicking on the link.

John Beck Work Session with Faculty Senate

  October 2, 2018 TSC approved John Beck to come to FS for a FS work session setting priorities and approaches for the coming year, similar to previous years.  This was scheduled for FS on 10-9-18 but John Beck had to cancel at the last minute.  This has been rescheduled for FS November 13, 2018.  

Mathematics Reform

  April 3, 2018 The Mathematics Reform was presented to TSC on 4-3-18 by Mark Largent, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies & Director of Learning Analytics, and Interim Dean, Lyman Briggs College.  Mark Largent presented this to UC on 4-24-18.  MSU Gateway Math Reform (click on link)

Medical School Name Change

  2-20-18 Chairperson Laura McCabe reported that more information will be forthcoming and the process is extensive.  
Mental Health and Support at MSU   November 7, 2017 A Panel discussion including Barbara L. Roberts, MSc OT, PhD, Executive Director, Worklife Office, Jon Novello, LMSW, ACSW, Counselor, Employee Assistance Program, and Leigh White, MD, Director of Psychiatric Services, Counseling & Psychiatric Services, was conducted at the FS on November 14, 2017. See FS 11-14-17 Minutes (click on link)
Mid-Semester Feedback   September 5, 2017 FS approved the Mid-Semester Feeback on 1-16-18. Mid-Semester Feedback and Key Points
UCUE, UCGS and UCFA Reports (click on links)
Mobility Project    

Dr. Wolfgang Bauer, University Distinguished Professor and Senior Consultant, Office of the Executive Vice President for Administrative Services, presented on Energy/Mobility to UC on 10-17-17.

Mobility Project Presentation (click on link)

MSU Candidacy for the MSU Boad of Trustees   October 2, 2018

Candidates Brianna Scott (D), Kelly Tebay (D) and Mike Miller (R) have accepted to join in on UC for 10-16-18.  More details forthcoming after TSC for 10-2-18 are approved. 

New Department Proposal - Department of Orthopedics - joint between Huan Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine   October 2, 2018

Provost Youatt presented the Proposal to TSC on 10-2-18.  TSC referred this to UCFA, UCSA and UCGS.  AG sent Memo from Provost Youatt to referrred Committees on 10-3-18. 

Ombudsperson Search   October 3, 2017 TSC adopted and accepted the Search Procedure document presented by Dr. Terry Curry, Associate Provost and Associate VP for Academic Human Resources. The Ombudsperson Search will proceed. Announcement on June 7, 2018 from Media Communications:
Shannon Lynn Burton appointed new MSU Ombudsperson (click on link)

Presidential Search     At the UC meeting on 2-27-18, group sessions were formed for members to write down characteristics they want in the next MSU President and how to input and implement them in the Presidental Search.  This information will be given to the BOT. The minutes for the UC meeting on 2-27-18 are not approved to date, more details may be forthcoming.  TSC Chairperson Laura McCabe gave a report on this at TSC meeting on 3-13-19.  Ewurama Appiagyei-Dankah reported there was confirmation from BOT that they wanted student groups to help provide input on what a search committee should looke like. At TSC on 3-13-18 TSC approved it would be paramount that MSU students have an important rold in the Presidential search. Laura presented the Input Report and questions to think about at UC on 3-27-18 and groups were formed to write up questions and a motion was made and carried to collate the results and bring to the April SC meeting for determinations to be made then.  The list, Criteria for President document, was presented to TSC on 4-3-18 by Chairperson Laura McCabe.  TSC approved the Criteria for President to go to the Academic Congress.   Criteria for Presidential Search (click on link)
Proposed East Lansing Income Tax and How Faculty can Respond   September 5, 2017 Presented to University Council on 9-19-17, by Mark Burnham, Vice President of Governmental Affairs and Janet Lillie, Assistant VP of Governmental Affairs. Proposed East Lansing Income Tax and how Facyulty can Respond 
(click on link)
Purdue Letter of Support   January 9, 2018 On 1-16-18 FS approved the Purdue Letter of Support.   Purdue Letter of Support (click on link)
Reclaim MSU   March 20, 2018 Presented to FS on 3-20-18.  Motion carried to take to TSC to refer to FS in April for vote.  On April 17, 2018, the Reclaim MSU Proposal was presented to FS for approval.  A vote was taken and it was approved.  Please click on this link Reclaim MSU Proposal to view the approved Proposal.  The presentation can be viewed on the Academic Governance website under Current Topics and also you can click here:  Reclaim MSU Proposal Presentation by Anna Pegler-Gordon and Andaluna Borcilla, James Madison College and FS members.  
Resolution by FS to call the Academic Congress in Session to Discuss the Presidential Search Process and Criteria Needed in the MSU President   April 24, 2018 A FS Emergency meeting was called for April 24, 2018 regarding a resolution by FS to call the Academic Congress into session to discuss the Presidential Search process and the criteria needed in the MSU President.   The details of the meeting and the votes can be viewed in the April 24 FS Minutes (click on link) - will be linked soon after approved minutes are revised.
Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Requirement   October 3, 2017 Referred to UCGS. Date to return to TSC has not been determined.  
Relationship, Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy (RVSM) Revisions and Annual Report   October 3, 2017 Jessica Norris, Title IX and ADA Compliance Director, presented a full presentation to FS on 10-10-17.  The RVSM Expert Advisory Work Group Discussion was discussed at TSC on 4-3-18 by Dr. Carrie Moylan, MSU School of Social Work.  This was presented to FS on 4-17-18 as an information item.  More details forthcoming after minutes are available.   Annual Report (click on link)
Sexual Assault Reporting System   March 13, 2018 Sara Bijani, Graduate Employees Union President presented at TSC on 3-13-18 and was scheduled to present the presentation at UC on 3-27-18 but that did not take place.   
Standing Committee Semester Reports    9-4-18 Reports are verbally given at each Steering Committee meeting.  They can be viewed each month in TSC minutes.  A request for revised reporting procedures for Standing Committee Reports was presented to TSC on 9-4-18 by Gary Hoppenstand, Secretary for Academic Governance.  Annual Reports for 2017-2018 are available to view on the AG websie (click on link)
Dr. Hoppenstand requested Standing Committee Chairs to provide a brief report of their work to his office, to be included in TSC minutes each month. 
Student Instructional Rating System (SIRS)   September 5, 2017 On 10-3-17 TSC approved an Ad Hoc Committee and recommends inclusion of other key stakeholders such as representation from ASMSU, COGS, UCSA, and resource representatives from MSU IT Services and Academic Advancement Network. Two representatives from UCFA, UCUE, UCGS, ASMSU and COGS were selected.  This Ad Hoc Committee will look at assuring appropriate use of survey data and determinations of faculty performances, merit raises retention, promotion and tenure, and other personnel actions, as well as recommending alternative methods for evaluation of teaching quality as warranted. UCUE Chairperson Richard Miksicek presented a summary report at TSC on 3/13/18 as an information item (click on links in the end result tab to the right to view). UCUE Set Survey Results

Survey Report - Student Evaluation of Teaching Platforms
Student Rights and Responsibilities Document, Proposed Changes   January 9, 2018 on 1-9-18 TSC approved this to be presented to UC on 1-23-18 for approval. On 1-23-18 at UC the Student Rights and Responsibilities Document, Proposed Changes was approved and noted that the language about the students will be reviewed and then returned to UC for approval. See UC 1-23-18 minutes (click on link).  
General Student Regulation   November 7, 2017 Lorenzo Santavicca, ASMSU President, presented the Revised General Student Regulation to UC on 11-28-17.  The Revised General Student Regulation (click on link) was approved by UC on 11-28-17, by a majority vote, and will now move to President Simon for implementation

UCC Letter Regarding Difficult Topics


  March 13, 2018 The letter was presented to TSC on 3-13-18 and amended changes were made.  UCC Chairperson Marci Mechtel wil send the amended letter to Dr. Gary Hoppenstand and  Dr. Hoppenstand and Interim President Engler will work on sending it out to the faculty. The letter was presented to FS on 3-20-18 and FS approved it to go out to all faculty.   UCC Letter Regarding Difficult Topics
UCFA Salary Recommendations   April 3, 2018

Tom Tomlinson presented the Recommendation for 2018-19 Faculty Merit and Market Pool Increase Memorandum at TSC on 4-3-18 and presented to FS on 4-1-18 and was approved. 

2018-19 Merit and Market Pool Increase Memoradum (click on link)
University Committee on Curriculum Reports    

September 2017 Report presented and approved at FS on 9-12-17 and presented to UC as an info item on 9-12-17.

October 2017 Report presented and approved at FS on 10-10-17 and presented to UC as an info item on 10-17-17.

November 2017 Report presented and approved at FS on 11-14-17 and presented to UC as an info item on 11-28-17.

January 2018 Report presented and approved at FS on 1-16-18 and presented to UC as an info item on 1-23-18.

February 2018 Report presented and approved at FS on 2-20-18 and presented to UC as an info item on 2-27-18.

March 2018 Report presented and approved at FS on 3-20-18 and presented to UC as an info item on 3-27-18.

April 2018 Report presented and approved at FS on 4-17-18 and presented to UC as an info item on 4-24-18

September 12, 2017 (click on links)
Long Report
Short Report

October 10, 2017 (click on links)
Long Report
  Short Report

November 14, 2017 (click on links)
Long Report  Short Report        

January 16, 2018 (click on links)
Long Report  Short Report  

February 20, 2018 (click on links)
Long Report  Short Report

March 20, 2018 (click on links)
Long Report  Short Report

April 17, 2018 (click on links)
Long Report   Short Report

      September 11, 2018 Report presented to FS as an information item, and to UC on 9-18-18 as an information Item. September 11, 2018 (click on links)
Long Report   Short Report

 October 9, 2018 Report presented and approved at FS on on 10-9-18 and will be presented to UC as an info item on 10-16-18

 October 9, 2018 (click on links)
Long Report   Short Report

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