University Committee on Academic Governance Membership 2019-2020

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Membership - Academic Year 2019-2020

Effective August 16, 2019


Ajit Srivastava (R)  Agriculture & Natural Resources 2020
Xia Gao (R) Arts & Letters 2020
Fredric Jacobs Business 2020
Laura Dilley (R) Communication Arts & Sciences 2021
Rand Spiro (R)  Education 2020
Mark Worden (R) Engineering 2020
Frederic Manfredsson (R) Human Medicine 2020
Connie Hunt James Madison, Law, Lyman Briggs, Residential College Arts & Humanities 2020
Etienne Charles Music 2020
Gabor Francsics Natural Science 2020
Katherine Dontje Nursing 2020
Kenneth Stringer  Osteopathic Medicine 2020
Carole Gibbs Social Science 2020
Loraine Sordillo-Gandy (R) Veterinary Medicine 2020
Amanda Tickner (R) * Non-College Faculty 2020


Pending Undergraduate (ASMSU) 2020
Pending  Undergraduate (ASMSU) 2020
Pending  Undergraduate (ASMSU) 2020
Pending  Graduate (COGS) 2020
Pending  Graduate (COGS) 2020

Ex Officio

Gary Hoppenstand Secretary for Academic Governance
John Gaboury Office of the Provost - Associate Provost for Academic Services

* Chairperson 
** Vice Chairperson and Secretary

(R) Re-elected
(FT) Fixed-Term


Composition of Committee includes:

1 Faculty member from each college, including Non-College faculty (elected by colleges) with eligibility to serve on UCAG limited to faculty members who have previously served on a University-level Standing Committee or the Faculty Senate

3 Undergraduate Student members of ASMSU

2 Graduate Student members from COGS

The Provost and the Secretary for Academic Governance shall be ex-officio members




Published by: 
Office of the Secretary for Academic Governance 

(517) 355-2337 

Created April 2019 and updated April 9, 2019