University Committee on Curriculum Membership 2020-2021

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Membership for Academic Year 2020-2021

Affective August 16, 2020


For information regarding schedule of meeting dates, agendas, minutes etc. please refer to the following website:





Christie Poitra Agriculture & Natural Resources  2021
Alison Dobbins Arts & Letters 2021
James Wiggins Business 2022
Valeta Wensloff (FT) Communication Arts & Sciences 2021
Joseph Krajcik Education 2021
Carl Boehlert Engineering 2022
Rebecca Schein (FT) Human Medicine 2021

Stephen Rohs (alt until member confirmed)

James Madison 2022
Elliot Spoon Law 2022

Katie Hinko

Lyman Briggs 2021
David Biedenbender (NT) Music 2021
Robert Laduca Natural Science 2022
Marci Mechtel* Nursing 2022
Pending per College Osteopathic Medicine 2022
Niki Rudolph Residential College Arts & Humanities 2021
Stacy Hickox Social Science 2022
Ioana Sonea  Veterinary Medicine 2021
Chana Kraus-Friedberg Non-College Faculty 2022





Travis Boling Undergraduate (ASMSU) 2021
Shalvi Save Undergraduate 2021
Tofi Adegbite Undergraduate 2021
Pending Undergraduate 2021
Pending Undergraduate 2021
Kyle Chong Graduate (COGS) 2021
Pending  Graduate (COGS) 2021




John Gaboury Associate Provost for Academice Services
Joy Speas University Curriculum Administrator
Steve Shablin University Registrar


**Sub A Chairperson

***Sub B Chairperson

****Sub C Chairperson

(R) Re-elected 

Composition of the Committee includes:

1 Faculty member from each college, including Non-College faculty (elected by colleges)

5 Undergraduate Students (1 must be a member of Academic Assembly)

2 Graduate Students

The Provost or a designee shall be a member with voice but no vote.

The Provost shall also name an executive secretary to serve as Ex-Officio without vote.

The University Registrar shall serve ex officio without vote. 

The Chairperson will serve on the Steering Committee, University Council & Faculty Senate.

Published by: 
Office of the Secretary for Academic Governance 
(517) 355-2337 

Created March 2020, updated September 16, 2020