Appointed Council Membership 2017-2018

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John Engler Interim President 450 Administration Building 355-9818
June Youatt Provost 426 Administration Building 355-6550

Deans (Voting Members of A/C)

College (Voting Members of A/C)

Ronald Hendrick Agriculture & Natural Res.  Rm 109 Morrill Hall 355-0232
Christopher Long Arts & Letters Rm 430 Administration Bldg. 355-4597
Sanjay Gupta Business   Rm 520 N. Business Complex 355-8379
Prabu David Comm Arts & Sciences Rm 287 Comm Arts and Sciences Bldg. 432-5534
Robert Floden Education  Rm 501 Erickson Hall 355-1734
Leo Kempel Engineering  Rm 3410 Engineering Bldg. 355-5114
Thomas Jeitschko Graduate School  Rm 212 Chittenden Hall 353-3220
Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore Honors College Rm 105 Eustace-Cole Hall 355-2326
Norman Beauchamp Human Medicine  Rm A110 E. Fee Hall 353-1730
Steve Hanson International Stds. & Pgms. Rm 207 International Cntr. 355-2352
Sherman Garnett James Madison  Rm 367 S. Case Hall 353-6753
Lawrence Ponoroff Law Rm 368D Law College Bldg. 432-6993
Mark Largent (Interim) Lyman Briggs Rm 27 E. Holmes Hall 884-2902
James Forger Music Rm 105 Music Bldg. 355-4583
R. James Kirkpatrick Natural Science  Rm 104 Natural Science Bldg. 355-4473
Randolph Rasch Nursing Rm A218 Life Sciences Bldg. 355-6527
Andrea Amalfitano Osteopathic Medicine  Rm A308 East Fee Hall 355-9616
Stephen Esquith Residential College Rm C210G Snyder Halll 355-0210
Rachel Croson Social Science Rm 203 Berkey Hall 355-6675
John Baker Veterinary Medicine  Rm G100 Vet. Medical Ctr. 355-6509

Directors (Voting members of A/C)

Clifford Haka Libraries Rm W102D Main Library 355-2341
Thomas Glasmacher Natl. Supercond. Cyclotron Lab (FRIB) Rm 1003B Cyclotron Blg. 355-9672x300


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Updated February 6, 2018