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Draft Minutes - February 26, 2008

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

3:15 p.m., 115 International Center

E. Foster (for Armstrong), S Aviyente, M. Arnold, T. Summerhill (for M. Baba), J. Bauer, W. Benenson, G. Bice, C. Bolin, C. Callen, R. Putman (for R. Chivukula), K. Corby, T. Curry,  D. Dawson, D. Dimitrova, T. Dobson, K. Domer, S. Vickery (for R. Duncan), S. Esquith, J. Fay, M. Fillmore, P. Floyd, P. Fraker, R. Funk, L . Good, C. Hyslop (for C. Haka), L. Harris, E. Hinojosa, C. Jackson-Elmoore, J. I. Gray, L. June, J. Kaguni, S. Keller, S. Kendall, R. Kirkpatrick, L. Manderscheid (for K. Klomparens), C. Kulesza, S. Lacy, D. Lynch, A. McCormick, M. Morash, J. Morrice, M. Arndt (for M. Mundt), J. Powell, J. Punch, P. Ravani, J. Revitte, Freedman (for J. Riedinger), M. Rodriguez, E. Rosser, L. Selanders, S. Spees (for E. Simmons), J. Sticklen,  W. Strampel, P. Tanner, C. Starnes (for C. Thompson), T. Tims, S. Udpa, S. Wildman, R. Wiseman, J. Wright, D. Noverr (for K. Wurst), J. Youatt, P. Youngs, C. Zheng  

ABSENT: C. Ames, M. Ayoob, S. Balroop, E. Branoff, C. Brown, E. Burwinkle, T. Caron, A. Cognato, B. Colquitt, E. Crawford, D. Dougherty, D. Estry, H. Fitzgerald, J. Forger, G. Francsics, W. Fu, S. Garnett, K. Gelbke, D. Gift, A. Ginez, R. Griffore, D. Grummon, K. Harris, N. Henne, Y. Hu, H. Hughes, M. Jacobs, N. Khanna, J. Kosciulek, M. Largent, M. Leahy, M. Lin, J. LoPorto, R. Ludy, J. Marcus, D. McMillan, S. Miller, M. Moch, S. Newhouse, M. Noel, C. Ostrom, C. Owen, J. Potchen, D. Propst, M. Rappley, Megan Robinson, Mitchell Robinson, D. Roth, D. Saint Arnault, C. Salmon, M. Schurig, L. Simon (in Washington), S. Sleeper-Smith, S. Soffin, R. Spiro, L. Stanford, S. Teahan, T. Ten Eyck, J. Thornburg, M. Threats, J. Vargas, M. Webber, K. Wilcox, M. Wilson, J. Wolfson, C. Yansa                       

The meeting began at 3:32 p.m. with a full quorum present.

Approval of Agenda:
The agenda was approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes:
The minutes of January 29, 2008 were deferred.

Provost’s Remarks:
Provost Wilcox announced that the President sends her regrets.  She was on her way back from Washington, DC and was delayed due to weather.  The President was attending a meeting of the Executive Board of the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges.  She also met with the Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. discussing several of the existing MSU programs and some projected programs.  President Simon reports that the Ambassador sees himself as a friend of MSU and knows of the work of the University in China.

Provost Wilcox noted that at the last meeting, the Council endorsed the division of Marketing and Supply Chain into two departments in the College of Business. The BOT approved this at their meeting last week.  The President’s Founders Day presentation is on the web and the Provost’s encouraged faculty to review.  University faculty were also recognized on Founder’s Day for their outstanding work. 

The Provost reported that he learned of the historical significance of the room Council uses for meetings. The room has been referred to as the Con Con room for the Constitutional Convention room.  It has been described as the place where the 1963 Constitution for the State of Michigan was written.  Currently the room is the library for the International Center, with books along the walls and a librarian.  The room is monitored and managed by the Library and hence the reason no beverages are allowed.   The Provost noted that the room is not functional as a library and it happens to be the size needed for an additional classroom.  The room will be converted to a classroom and will continue to be the meeting place for Council beginning next Fall.  Now back to the historical significance of the room.  The information passed down is not exactly correct as it turns out.  The State Constitution was written in the Lansing Civic Center and following the event there was no place for the furniture left behind.  The University had a new building with a room that had no furniture so an agreement was made to take the furniture and hence the name.

ECAC Chairperson’s Remarks:
Professor Potchen reported that the Faculty Liaison to the BOT always meets with a Board member before every BOT meeting and periodically between Board meetings to discuss a variety of ways that faculty can have a greater impact on the destiny of the institution.  These meetings have been very effective.  Professor Potchen reminded members to convey any issues they wish to have discussed with the Board.  Professor Potchen reviewed some of the activities of the faculty such as, how to enhance the care and control health care costs.  Energy stewardship is another area under discussion looking at cost containment and the role of the faculty.  Professor Potchen expressed the need to have more faculty involved in how to manage and improve the stewardship of energy resources on campus.  Some faculty have been meeting with Steve Webster to look at faculty input on faculty relations and economic development.  The State Senate had their Appropriations Committee Hearing on campus last week and the Presidents of MSU, Michigan and Wayne State testified before the Committee about what the universities can do together in research.  These are important opportunities to work with the Senate to help the economy of the State.

University Committee on Curriculum Report:
Professor Bice, Chairperson of UCC, presented the following UCC report to members:

There were 24 programs and 237 course proposals approved which included:

  • There were 18 program changes and 6 new programs.
  • A new Master of Public Health degree in Public Health and a new Graduate Specialization in Public Health were approved for Fall, 2008.
  • Three new minors were approved, Art History and Visual Culture, effective Fall 2008; French, effective Summer 2008 and Sociology, effective Summer 2008.
  • There were 66 new courses, 133 course changes and 38 course deletions.

A motion was passed to approve the UCC report as submitted.

Health Care, Concerns, Policies and Future Options Resolution:
Professor Powell, Chairperson of UCFA, announced that the Health Care Options Task Force has completed their work and the report is on the UCFA web site.  Professor Powell presented a motion to adopt the following resolution:

 “As chair of the University Committee on Faculty Affairs and its representative to the MSU Faculty Council, I move to have the Faculty Council adopt the following resolution:

WHEREAS: The University Committee on Faculty Affairs (UCFA) is charged with providing the MSU administration with recommendations regarding faculty salaries and benefits. In meeting its obligations it commissioned a task force to examine health care options that provide for improving the health of the MSU faculty, maintaining the quality of health care services, and providing for cost containment.

WHEREAS: The UCFA Task Force on Health Care Options has established a report that outlines the role of the university, its third party administrator (TPA), the associated health providers and its health care consumers in a discussion of programs that address the issue of health care. This report outlines a variety of areas that require dditional in-depth discussions of the impact that implementation will have on the health care benefits programs at MSU.

WHEREAS: The key recommendation in the UCFA’s task force report establishes a priority for UCFA to create a task force that is charged with coordinating and collaborating the ongoing efforts of UCFA related to the implementation and monitoring of specific health care issues, including but not limited to those issues identified in the Health Care Options Task Force Report. UCFA has recommended that this group operate as part of the UCFA Budget Subcommittee and consist of representatives from UCFA and the MSU university faculty who can contribute expertise in health care systems and collaborate with Human Resources and the Office of the Provost on issues of health care on a continuing basis.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Faculty Council, by vote of its elected membership, go on the record in support of the CFA recommendation to establish a task force to work with its Budget Subcommittee and to participate with the MSU administration and the MSU Human Resource Program in developing recommendations, policies, procedures and programs that improve the health of MSU faculty, maintain and improve quality health care services and address the issue of cost containment on behalf of the MSU faculty.

The motion was supported.  Professor Powell explained that the members of this Task Force would include individuals with expertise in the needed areas and would work with UCFA.  This group would report to the Budget Subcommittee to UCFA and back to academic governance.  Professor Sticklen asked if the recommendations would come to Faculty Council and Academic Council before being forwarded on.  Professor Powell acknowledged that when recommendations are developed this would be correct.  The motion was passed.

Other Business:
A member reported seeing a response written by the Provost to Ted Staton on the city of East Lansing web site that MSU would not establish a museum presence in the New City Center II but that the University will work with the City to help to establish an arts presence through faculty and student exhibitions.  The Provost was asked to discuss the circumstances that led to that decision and what the future will be for the MSU museum.  Provost Wilcox responded that there is a plan before the City to redevelop the northwest corner of Grand River and Abbott.  The project is entitled City Center II and the developers have been in conversations with the museum for several months about relocating the University museum to the location.  The notion has appeal but it appeared that the University was not going to be able to deliver the type of energetic programming that would be sustainable over a long period of time.  At the same time there is the intent and space to provide some public activities that could be used by the University. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Jacqueline Wright

Secretary for Academic Governance

Tapes of complete meetings of the Academic Council are available for review in the office of the Secretary for Academic Governance, W32 Owen Graduate Hall, 355-2337.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 - 3:32pm
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