Draft Minutes - November 17, 2009

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3:15 p.m., 115 International Center

J. Schwille (for C. Ames), R. Appel, R. Brandenburg (for J. Armstrong), M. Bedikian, L. Brooks, M. Burleson, M.W. Chang, L. Cloud, C. Corley, K. Currier, T. Curry, K. Dysarz, R.K. Edozie, S. Esquith, D. Estry, J. Forger, J. Foss, S. Fuller, L. Good, I. Gray, A. Grubbs, C. Haka, S. Hassans, R. Hill, J. Hoehn, S. Hoerr, J. Howarth, H. Hughes, C. Jackson-Elmoore, L. June, S. Kendall, R.J. Kirkpatrick, K. Klomparens, G. Kortemeyer, L. Leavitt, M. Ly, R. Mabokela, R. Maleczka, E. Martinak, G. Martinez, N. Mehta, H. Melakeberhan, T. Miller, D. Moriarty, T. Wehrwein (for M. Mundt), R. Naegele, S. Nicley, M. Noel, E. Outslay, J. Owen, C. Parker-Lee, L. Posey, J. Powell, M. Reckase, J. Revitte, J. Riedinger, E. Freedman (for J. Riedinger), P. Rogers, L. Roman, N. Rovig, C. Schotten, D. Sheridan, A. Shevcihenko, M. Shields, A. Simms, H.P. Sin, J. Slade, S. Soffin, M. Sticklen, W. Strampel, T. Tims, S. Udpa, D. Weber, B. Wermette, P. Whitten, S. Wildman, M. Willemin, J. Wright, D. Prestel (for K. Wurst), J. Youatt, C. Zheng

ABSENT:  President Simon, Provost Wilcox, K. Ames, M. Baba, V. Bali, M. Bremigan, C. Brown, C. Coursaris, T. Covassin, M. Crimp, W. Davidson, L. Degi, J. Demantes, D. Dougherty, V. Draine, G. Faulk, L. Fernandez, R. Fernandez, M. Fillmore, H. Fitzgerald, S. Fluck, W. Fu, S. Garnett, C. Gelbke, D. Gift, K. Goldsberry, R. Hall, J. Hu, M. Jain, N. Khanna, W. Kopachik, D. Lappe, M. Largent, E. Lashbrooke, M. Lawrence, C. Lotz, T. Marsh, P.S. Mohankumar, T. Neal, L. Neuder, R. Ofoli, K. Petroni, M. Rappley, J. Ren, C. Schmitt, B. Schutte, G. Schuttler, E. Simmons, L. Stanford, D. St. Arnault, G. Stone, T. Ten Eyck, C. Walsh, R.W. Wiseman, H. Young, B. Zandstra, M. Zile

The meeting began at 3:20 p.m. with a full quorum present. 

Approval of Agenda:
The agenda was approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes:
The minutes of October 20, 2009 were approved as distributed.

President’s Remarks:
The President was not able to attend due to travel from Dubai.

Provost’s Remarks:
Provost Wilcox may not be able to attend as he is in route back from Washington, DC.  The Provost was attending the American Association of Public Land Grant Universities.

Senior Associate Provost’s Remarks:
Professor Youatt announced an upcoming event on November 18, 2009.  The event is entitled: “You Have Broken Your Promises” which is a press conference where the Governor and President Simon will appear in front of the Administration Building.  Testimony will be given by students from ASMSU and COGS and some local teachers.  The purpose of the event is to call attention to the ways in which the State Legislature has failed to meet the promises to students in higher education.  Faculty were encouraged to attend.

Professor Youatt responded to a question regarding a letter that was sent to students about the MET Program.  There was an error in the letter.  The intent of the letter was to ask those receiving the letter if they wished to purchase the option to buy an additional 30 credits, not that the Program would pay for an additional 30 credits.

ECAC Vice-Chairperson’s Remarks:
Professor Hughes noted that he would be speaking later on the proposed issue of public comments for Academic Council.

University Committee on Curriculum Report:
Professor Good, Chairperson of UCC, presented the following report:

There were 16 programs and 94 course proposals approved which included:

  • There were 10 Program changes, 5 new Programs and 1 discontinued Program. The discontinued program was a Specialization in Dance, however it was reconfigured to be a Minor in Dance.  Four of the new Programs included a minor in Economics, two Graduate Certificate Programs (Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist) and a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science.
  • There were 27 course deletions, 50 course changes and 17 new courses approved.

The UCC Report was approved as presented.

Public Comments Proposed:
Professor Hughes reported that ECAC would like to put forth a proposal and Professor Weber, ECAC member, made the following motion:  ECAC moves that a public comment period be added to the Academic Council agenda for the remainder of this academic year, which allows a 2 minute time limit per speaker with a total of ten minutes for comments. This would be the second item on the agenda each meeting. The motion was seconded.  This would be open to the University community.  Secretary Wright requested that individuals contact the Governance office in advance of the meeting to have a time to speak.  Professor Hill questioned having a two minute limit and consider some flexibility if needed at a point in time.  Professor Weber spoke in favor of keeping the time limit for now and that if modification was needed, it could be done later.  The motion passed as presented. 

Health Care Updates:
Professor Moriarty, Chairperson of UCFA, thanked the faculty for responding to the Health Care Survey.  Fifty-one percent of the tenure system faculty responded to the survey and there were over 3,000 written comments.  The members of UCFA are currently reading and summarizing the comments received.  The UCFA is planning to have a report posted on their web site next week.

Other Business:
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:40p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Jacqueline Wright
Secretary for Academic Governance


Tapes of complete meetings of the Academic Council are available for review in the office of the Secretary for Academic Governance, W32 Owen Graduate Hall, 355-2337.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009 - 3:20pm
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