Draft Minutes - October 20, 2009

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3:15 p.m., 115 International Center

President Simon, Provost Wilcox, J. Schwille (for C. Ames), R. Appel, J. Armstrong, J. Goddeeris (for M. Baba), V. Bali, L. Brooks, C. Brown, M. Burleson, L. Cloud, K. Currier, T. Curry, K. Dysarz, R.K. Edozie, M. Fillmore, J. Forger, J. Foss, S. Fuller, D. Gift, N. Graham (for S. Garnett), L. Good, A. Grubbs, C. Haka, S. Hassans, R. Hill, J. Hoehn, C. Alsup (for J. Howarth), H. Hughes, C. Jackson-Elmoore, M. Jain, L. June, S. Kendall, R.J. Kirkpatrick, W. Kopachik, G. Kortemeyer, D. Lappe, G. Booth (for E. Lashbrooke), L. Leavitt, M. Ly, E. Martinak, G. Martinez, N. Mehta, H. Melakeberhan, D. Moriarty, M. Mundt, R. Naegele, S. Nicely, M. Noel, R. Ofoli, E. Outslay, L. Posey, A. Sousa (for M. Rappley), M. Reckase, J. Revitte, J. Riedinger, P. Rogers, L. Roman, C. Schmitt, C. Schotten, D. Sheridan, A. Shevcihenko, M. Shields, S. Soffin, S. Spees (for E. Simmons), H.P. Sin, D. St. Arnault, L. Stanford, M. Sticklen, D. Sefcik (for W. Strampel), T. Tims, T. Wolff (for S. Udpa), C. Walsh, D. Weber, B. Wernette, P. Whitten, S. Wildman, J. Wright, D. Prestell (for K. Wurst), J. Youatt, B. Zandstra, C. Zheng

ABSENT:  K. Ames, M. Bedikian, M. Bremigan, M.W. Chang, J. Cheng, C. Corley, C. Coursaris, T. Covassin, M. Crimp, W. Davidson, L. Degi, J. Demantes, D. Dougherty, V. Draine, S. Esquith, D. Estry, G. Faulk, L. Fernandez, R. Fernandez, H. Fitzgerald, S. Fluck, W. Fu, C. Gelbke, K. Goldsberry, I. Gray, R. Hall, C. Hibbs, S. Hoerr, J. Hu, N. Khanna, K. Klomparens, M. Largent, M. Lawrence, C. Lotz, R. Mabokela, R. Maleczka, T. Marsh, T. Miller, P.S. Mohankumar, L. Neuder, C. Parker-Lee, K. Petroni, J. Powell, J. Ren, N. Rovig, K. Saunders, B. Schutte, J. Slade, G. Stone, T. Ten Eyck, D. Troutman, M. Willemin, R.W. Wiseman, H. Young, M. Zile

The meeting began at 3:15 p.m. with a full quorum present. 

Approval of Agenda:
The agenda was amended requesting voice for three minutes to Ginny Anderson and Josh Chapin from the Music Therapy Program to speak during the Curriculum Report. The amendment to the agenda was approved.  The amended agenda was approved.

Approval of Minutes:
The minutes of September 22, 2009 were approved as distributed.

President’s Remarks:
The President noted that this year is an extraordinary year in a variety of ways.  The Higher Education Bill has not yet been released by the Senate to give to the Governor.  The Governor has vetoed parts of the K-12 Bill and has done this in other Bills, even though they fall within the budget approved by the Senate and House.  The money that was there was not sufficient to solve the deficit.  As the Higher Education Bill goes forward, including the operating budget and the Experiment Station and Extension budgets, the Governor cannot add money in or move money from one purpose to another.  The President indicated that discussion will continue over the next week until the deadline.  The deadline could be met with the vetoes in place.  There are a set of tactics on the question of raising revenues.  There is no question that the State needs more revenues.  If the stimulus dollars come through as proposed by the House and Senate, actions would be in effect for October 1, 2010.  If you consider the 2 lines for Experiment Station and Extension, there are over 1,700 people affected.  The University does not have the capacity to cash manage 60 million dollars.  The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources will be significantly affected, but so will everyone in the University.  President Simon stressed the importance of everyone to work together.

Provost’s Remarks:
Provost Wilcox underscored the seriousness of the current situation and the uncertainties.  The Provost reported receiving recommendations last week from the Deans and units across the campus and has begun to review having individual discussions with Deans and campus representatives.  The Provost also has several meetings scheduled with the Council of Deans.

There will be equal emphasis on becoming smarter with the budget and finding ways to better position the University for the next century.  The Provost noted he was generally impressed with the diligence put into the task of developing the recommendations.  He reiterated the commitment to get as many of his recommendations into the Governance system as quickly as possible.  This is a time to operate as a team.

ECAC Vice-Chairperson’s Remarks:
Professor Hughes had no comments at this time.

University Committee on Curriculum Report:
Professor Good, Chairperson of UCC, presented the following report:

There were 53 programs and 24 course proposals approved, which included:

  • There were 25 Program changes, 6 new Programs and 20 discontinued Programs. Four   of the new Programs were with Chinese and Japanese.  Previously the East Asian Language and Cultures Program was an umbrella program under which one could choose a concentration in Chinese or Japanese.  Due to the demand for the program, it was split into two individual majors and two minors.
  • There was a major reconfiguration in the Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science, which consolidated numerous focused majors into a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science with transcriptable concentrations, resulting in 16 Program deletions.
  • In moving to establish the Institute of Agriculture Technology Certificate Programs into the Academic Governance process, the Grounds Management Certificate Program was approved.
  • There were 37 course deletions, 101 course changes and 86 new courses reviewed.

Voice had been granted for two students from the Music Therapy Program to speak to Council members.  Josh Chapin, an undergraduate student, spoke on behalf of over 3,500 individuals regarding the disbandment of the undergraduate and graduate degrees in the Music Therapy Program.  He addressed the community, state-wide and global impact of music therapy and the need for the Program to continue at MSU.  Ginny Anderson, a graduate student, presented an overview of the work done in music therapy with a variety of clients and the resulting outcomes.

Discussion followed the presentations.  Kristy Currier, ASMSU Chairperson, spoke on behalf of ASMSU in favor of keeping the Music Therapy program.  Professor Forger, Dean of the College of Music, thanked the students for the civil discourse over the last months.  He provided the rationale for the decision to disband the Music Therapy Program and the processes used.  A motion was passed to separate out the two action items regarding Music Therapy from the other items in the Curriculum Report.  Following additional discussion the motion to approve the Curriculum recommendations regarding the Music Therapy Program was passed.

A motion was then passed to approve the rest of the Curriculum recommendations.

Other Business:
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:10p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Jacqueline Wright
Secretary for Academic Governance


Tapes of complete meetings of the Academic Council are available for review in the office of the Secretary for Academic Governance, W32 Owen Graduate Hall, 355-2337.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009 - 3:15pm
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