November 20, 2012

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Approved 1-22-13




Tuesday, November 20, 2012

3:15 p.m., 115 International Center

  Provost Wilcox, G. Aben, M. Aldrich, W. Anderson, C. Maxwell (for M. Baba), K. Bartig, M. Becker, C. Brown, D. Buhler, R. Caldwell, S. Carter, J. Castaneda, D. Clemons, T. Curry, W. Davidson, N. DeJoy, L. Dillon, S. Fitzgerald, J. Forger, J. Francese, X. Gao, F. Nunes (for C. Gelbke), M. Goheen, K. Greenwalt, E. Hackert, C. Haka, G. Hoppenstand, C. Alsup (for J. Howarth), P. Hunt (for S. Hsu), M. Huebner, C. Jackson-Elmoore, R. Kirkpatrick, K. Klomparens, Y. Komori, M. Koot, J. Wagner (for S. Lenway), L. Mak, R. Maleczka, C. Manitowabi, J. Maurer, D. Maybank, T. Mayer, L. McCabe, D. Mendez, D. Miller, D. Mitchell, H. Mooney, D. Moriarty, T. Wehrwein (for M. Mundt), M. Nair, A. Newton, M. Noel, N. Pasmanter, J. Powell, F. Pugh, J. Reidinger, L. Robinson, G. Roloff, C. Roseth, N. Rovig, L. Shelton, E. Simmons, B. Sternquist, W. Strampel, S. Teahan, S. Tekalur, C. Traister, S. Udpa, C. Vermeesch, F. Villarruel, C. Waters, S. Watts, P. Whitten, M. Worden, M. Wright, J. Wright, D. Prestel (for K. Wurst), J. Youatt

ABSENT:  President Simon, T. Bitne, E. Bank, M. Baumann, L. Blau, C. Bolin, S. Borkowski, H. Campa, S. Carey, E. Charles, M. Chavez, K. Cheruvelil, J. Conwell, C. Coursaris, N. Crum, D. Dewitt, A. Dickerson, J. Dunn, S. Esquith, D. Estry, H. Fitzgerald, S. Fletcher, J. Foss, S. Garnett, D. Gift, Y. Gonzales, J. Gorman, N. Graham, M. Grieshop, D. Grooms, A. Hatinger, D. Heller, H. Hughes, M. Kasavana, M. Khire, L. Lee, T. Lunsford, E. Martinak, R. McCormick, P. Menchik, P. Mooney, B. O'Brien, P. Pakala, A. Rabellorolim, M. Rappley, K. Renn, A. Richards, L. Robison, T. Rogers, D. Rovner, C. Scales, L. Selanders, M. Shapiro, D. Sheridan, K. Silk, A. Singh, , R. Spreng, L. Stanford, C. Stokes, M. Treadwell, J. Turner, J. Walton

The meeting began at 3:17 p.m. with a quorum.

Approval of Agenda:
The agenda was approved as distributed.

Public Comments:
There were no public comments.

Approval of Minutes:
The minutes of October 23, 2012 were approved as distributed

President’s Remarks:
The President was attending a meeting out of town.

Provost’s Remarks:
Provost Wilcox noted this has been a busy time with the dedication of the Museum at MSU.  There have been some major accomplishments in terms of recognition by the State Department and USAID and the efforts of MSU in Africa and around the globe.  

The Steering Committee Chairperson’s Remarks:
Professor Powell thanked the members of the Council for their work and participation in governance this semester.  There have been many accomplishments over the past months, the URO has been fully established and many of the projects started last year have come to fruition.

Request to Change the Bylaws for Academic Governance to Add the University Registrar as Ex Officio Member on UCC:
Professor Francese, Chairperson of UCAG, presented the proposed motion for 4.5.1. to add the University Registrar as an ex officio member to UCC:

4.5.1    The members of the University Committee on Curriculum (UCC) shall include a faculty member from each college. UCC shall also have five undergraduate student members, of whom one must be a member of the Academic Assembly of ASMSU, and two graduate student members. The Provost or the Provost’s designee shall be a member with voice, but no vote. The Provost shall also name an executive secretary to serve ex officio without vote. The University Registrar shall serve ex officio without vote.
The motion was passed.

Update on Student Funding:
Provost Wilcox presented an update on student funding issues.  He noted all of the publications on student debt and student financing in the press today.  The University Financial Assistance Budget was reviewed.  Please see presentation on the Governance web site.

Academic Program Review:
Provost Wilcox reported that every academic program is reviewed every seven years.  The annual report was presented to Council by Dr. Kelly Funk, Director of Assessment, Academic Program Review and Accreditation.  Please see the Academic Program Review for 2011-12 on the Governance web site.

New Business:
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,


Jacqueline Wright
Secretary for Academic Governance


Tapes of complete meetings of the Academic Council are available for review in the office of the Secretary for Academic Governance, W32 Owen Graduate Hall, 355-2337.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 3:17pm
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