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University Committee on Honors Programs

Advisory and Consultative Committee. Bylaw 5.1.

What is the University Committee on Honors Programs?

The University Committee on Honors Programs is a venue for broad-based participation by University faculty and students in the establishment and implementation of Honors College policies and procedures. The committee shall review, evaluate, and recommend programs, opportunities, and activities for Honors students within the colleges and departments of the University, including the Honors College. It shall consult with and advise the Dean of the Honors College on policies and procedures respecting those programs and opportunities. It shall also recommend to the University Council appropriate standards for the granting of Honors degrees. Its members shall report activities of the committee to their respective colleges and shall communicate to the committee ideas, concerns, and suggestions from colleagues.

Its membership includes one faculty member from each college (excluding the College of Human Medicine, the College of Nursing, the College of Osteopathic Medicine, and the College of Veterinary Medicine) to be selected by the appropriate College Advisory Committees; three undergraduates appointed by ASMSU, at least two of whom must be students in the Honors College; one graduate student appointed by COGS; and the Dean of the Honors College, who serves ex officio without vote.

University Council approved the composition of this Advisory-Consultative Committee on September 22, 2020.

University Committee on Honors Programs Report PDF and Word

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