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Bylaws for Academic Governance

The Bylaws for Academic Governance were last updated on September 11, 2020.

Bylaws for Academic Governance (PDF)

Bylaws for Academic Governance (Word)


College Bylaws

Clicking on the name of a college will open a pdf of its bylaws in a new window. These documents are the most recent versions on file with the Secretary for Academic Governance, though it is possible a college amended its bylaws since. Always check the websites of the individual colleges to be sure you are referring to the most current version. The date of last revision is provided in parentheses.

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources (May 2018)
College of Arts & Letters (May 2019)
Eli Broad College of Business and Graduate School of Management (December 2016) (docx)
College of Communication Arts & Sciences (November 2016)
College of Education (November 2019)
College of Engineering (February 2017)
College of Human Medicine (2016)
James Madison College (Date unknown)
College of Law (May 2020) (docx)
Lyman Briggs College (April 2016) (docx)
College of Music (April 2013) | Procedures (April 2014)
College of Natural Science (May 2019)
College of Nursing (April 2017)
College of Osteopathic Medicine (November 2017)
Residential College in the Arts & Humanities (Pending)
College of Social Science (March 2007)
College of Veterinary Medicine (January 2020)