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University Advisory/Consultative Comittees

University Hearing Board and University Appeals Board

Faculty Liaison Group to the Board of Trustees

University Student-Faculty Judiciaries
(Amended Bylaws for Academic Governance - Section 6)

Student-Faculty-Staff Hearing Board; University Student Appeals Board; All-University Student Hearing Board; RVSM/ADP Sanction Panel; and Residence Hall Association Hearing Board

University Graduate Judiciary

Hearing Boards: (University Academic Grievance Hearing Board, University Academic Integrity Hearing Board & University Academic Appeals Hearing Board)

Administrative Advisory Committees

Campus Infrastructure Planning Work Group (CIPWG)

Campus Natural Areas Classroom, Curriculum and Conservation Committee 

Commencement Committee

Communities for Advising, Facilitating, and Enabling (CAFE) (formally known as Communications and Computer Systems Advisory Committee)

Honorary Degree Committee

MSU Collections Council

Out-of-State Fees Committee 

President's Advisory Committee on Disability Issues (PACDI) )

Academic Specialist Advisory Committee 

Board of Trustees Established Committees

All University Traffic & Transportation Committee (AUTTC) 

Athletic Council

Faculty Health Care Council

Environmental Health and Safety Committee (EHS) 

Public Art on Campus Committee

Teacher Education Committee

Teacher Education Council 

Women's Advisory Committee to the Provost (WACP) 

Women's Advisory Committee for Support Staff (WACSS)

Women's Advisory Committee to the VP for Student Affairs and Services (WACSAS) 

Institutional Review Boards and/or Committees

Biomedical & Health Sciences Institutional Review Board (BIRB)

Social Science/Behavioral/Education Institutional Review Board (SIRB)

Chemical Hygiene Committee

Department of Police & Public Safety Oversight Committee

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)

Radiation Safety Committee

University-Wide Naming Committee

MSU Union Advisory Board 

Institutional Biosafety Committee



Updated January 25, 2021