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University Student-Faculty Judiciaries 
(Amended Bylaws for Academic Governance - Section 6)

Administrative Advisory Committees

Libraries, Computing, and Technology (LCT) supports a variety of Communities for Advising, Facilitating, and Enabling (CAFEs) the work of people and their organizational units and programs at MSU through uses of information technologies. Expanding and replacing the former CCSAC (Communications and Computer Systems Advisory Committee) advisory subcommittees, CAFEs will address the growing desire for effective cross-University communications and community that the CCSAC committees were not as effective in addressing.

The CAFEs undertake activities and provide communication mechanisms that help people with common interests share ideas, challenges, solutions, tools, and strategic directions. CAFEs may provide a context for joint planning. LCT will engage with CAFEs for consultation?a key product of community communication is advisory content that helps LCT direct its efforts and investments in information technologies, systems, and services.

The CAFEs, being communities rather than committees, welcome participation by anyone, and tend to have an informal structure (each CAFE will establish its own operating approach). They are led by volunteer faculty and professional staff, and supported by LCT managers, staff and other resources.

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