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Common Academic Governance Acronyms


Academic Governance Acronyms

Academic Governance Bodies and People 
AC – Athletic Council 
AG or AcadGov – Academic Governance 
AHR – Academic Human Resources 
ALM – At-Large Members of The Steering Committee
ALM/PPE – At-Large Members, President, Provost, and Executive Vice President for Health Sciences 
APUE – Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education 
BoT – Board of Trustees 
CAC – College Advisory Committee/Council 
EVPHS – Executive Vice President for Health Sciences 
FAR – Faculty Athletic Representative 
FLG or FLG-BOT – Faculty Liaison Group to the Board of Trustees
FS – Faculty Senate 
SAG – Secretary for Academic Governance 
TSC – The Steering Committee 
UC – University Council 

Standing Committees 
UCAG – University Committee on Academic Governance
UCC – University Committee on Curriculum 
UCFA – University Committee on Faculty Affairs
UCFT – University Committee on Faculty Tenure
UCGS – University Committee on Graduate Studies
UCSLE – University Committee of Student Life and Engagement
UCUE – University Committee on Undergraduate Education

College Abbreviations 
BUS – Eli Broad College of Business and Graduate School of Management 
CAL – College of Arts & Letters 
CANR – College of Agriculture & Natural Resources 
CAS – College of Communication Arts & Sciences 
CHM – College of Human Medicine 
COM – College of Osteopathic Medicine 
CVM – College of Veterinary Medicine 
EDU – College of Education 
EGR – College of Engineering 
GRAD – Graduate School 
HON – Honor's College 
ISP – International Studies & Programs 
JMC – James Madison College 
LAW – College of Law 
LBC – Lyman Briggs College 
MUS – College of Music 
NatSci – College of Natural Science 
NURS – College of Nursing 
RCAH – Residential College in the Arts & Humanities 
SSC – College of Social Science 
UE – Undergraduate Education 

Governing Groups 
ASMSU – Associated Students of Michigan State University 
COGS – Council of Graduate Students 
COPS – Council of Progressive Students 
COREM – Coalition of Racial/Ethnic Minorities 
CORES – Council of Racial and Ethnic Students 
OGA – Owen Graduate Association 
RHA – Residence Halls Association 
UACOR – University Apartments Council of Residents 

AFR – Academic Freedom Report (predecessor to SRR) 
Bylaws – The Bylaws for Academic Governance 
GSR – General Student Regulations 
RONR – Robert's Rules of Order (Newly Revised) 
SRR – Student Rights and Responsibilities 
UHR – University Housing Regulations 

OAG – Office of Academic Governance
FASA – Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs
FASD – Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Development
FGO – Faculty Grievance Official


DEI – Diversity, equity, and inclusion
DDC – Dean/Director/Chair Listserv