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Comments from the Floor

Endorsing Provost Teresa K. Woodruff for Interim President

Dear Members of the MSU Community:

Our community has been functioning in a state of uncertainty and angst. We hope that the Board of Trustees will ease those tensions by appointing Teresa K. Woodruff as interim president of Michigan State University.

We are certain that Provost Woodruff is the right choice for interim president, should she be willing to accept the role. Among other accomplishments, Provost Woodruff has championed what she calls “MSU 2.0,” and she has done more than merely talk about MSU 2.0. She:

  • is well-positioned to continue implementing the MSU 2030 Strategic Planthe DEI Strategic Planand the RVSM Strategic Plan;
  • will continue the progress that has been made toward Title IX compliance, moving beyond mere compliance and into developing a world-class Title IX office;
  • was instrumental in the success of interest-based UNTF contract negotiations and has communicated a desire to make teaching-focused faculty visible, viable, and valued;
  • identified sources of funding to restore retirement benefits for faculty;
  • restructured the Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs (FASA) to ensure fairness and equity; and
  • improved communications regarding key issues.

Our various groups align on many things:

  • We want to continue to move forward on key issues, including preserving the structure of the Office of Employee Relations and the Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs, two offices essential to our members and with whom many of us have strong relationships;
  • We must stay on track with respect to academics;
  • We must be a leader on Title IX and DEI;
  • We must select an interim president who will unite the community, lead with transparency and integrity, and communicate the successes and capabilities of Michigan State University
  • We want the Board of Trustees to send a strong message that the board is committed to the MSU Strategic Plan 2030, which we support.

Appointing Provost Teresa K. Woodruff interim president would be a forward-thinking move that stabilizes the university. Her selection would unify the entire MSU community, create an atmosphere of educational continuity for everyone here, and begin restoring our confidence in the Board of Trustees.


Dr. Karen Kelly-Blake, Chairperson, Faculty Senate and University Steering Committee

Dr. Stephanie Anthony, Vice Chairperson, Faculty Senate and University Steering Committee

Dr. Kate Birdsall, President, Union of Non-Tenured Faculty (on behalf of the UNTF Executive Board)

Dr. Megan Donahue, At-Large Member of the Steering Committee, Faculty Senate, and University Council, University Distinguished Professor of Physics & Astronomy

d'Ann de Simone, At-Large Member of the Steering Committee, Faculty Senate and University Council

Dr. Rebecca Malouin, At-Large Member of the Steering Committee, Faculty Senate, and University Council

The Associated Students of Michigan State University

Hannah Jeffrey, President, Council of Graduate Students

The Academic Specialist Advisory Committee

Ava Hill, President, Graduate Employees Union