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OCR Employee Review of Nassar and Strampel

OCR Employee Review of Nassar and Strampel

Item 2021-24


Item 2021-24: OCR Employee Review of Nassar and Strampel

Tabled at November 17, 2020 Faculty Senate. Faculty Senate Special Meeting to be held on December 15, 2020. Silvestri sent invite and agenda. Stephanie Nawyn to moderate. Pegler-Gordon spearheaded planning group, which met on December 11. Discussed at December 15 Faculty Senate meeting. 8 breakout groups submitted notes from discussions.

Pegler-Gordon to lead group to work notes into resolutions a la DEI motions. Volunteers are Meier, Ewoldsen, and Nicolas Gisholt. Silvestri emailed them on January 20, 2021. Motions submitted on February 1, 2021. 2 of 3 passed at February 16, 2021 Faculty Senate. Working group met with AVP Jachimiak and Debra Martinez on March 1 to discuss implementation. Another meeting took place on April 9, 2021.

Amended resolution on policy and practices passed at April 20, 2021 Faculty Senate meeting. Silvestri to implement by scheduling OIE presentations during AY 2021-2022.

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