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Global Activities E-Disclosures Memo

Global Activities E-Disclosures Memo

Item 2021-28


Item 2021-28: GAED Memo

Agreed at February 2, 2021 Steering to forwarded to VPRI Gage and add to February 23 University Council. A resolution was passed at February 23, 2021 University Council, and the President and VPRI Gage verbally agreed to suspend the deadline for reporting. Deadline was suspended on February 26, 2021.

Anna Pegler-Gordon, Sharlissa Moore, Naoko Wake, Dan Seagalman, and Laurie Medina will work with Assistant Vice President for Research and Innovation (Sponsored Programs) Twila Reighley on reforming the initiative. A working group consisting of Anna Pegler-Gordon, Dan Segalman, Naoko Wake, Laurie Medina, Sharlissa Moore, Eric Crawford, Remco Zegers, Twila Reighley, and J.R. Haywood was formed; Reighley sent a scheduling email on March 16, 2021.

The portion of the resolution regarding a task force to address anti-Asian xenophobia will be sent to the Vice President/Chief Diversity Officer and folded into DEI efforts rather than being addressed by the Office of Research and Innovation.

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